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Eden 8109 fabric in beautiful peonies will bring the atmosphere of summer to your home

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When you are thinking about introducing some novelty and vegetation into your bedroom, living room or children's room, it is great to use Eden 8109 fabric beautiful large flowers. Thanks to the fact that the flowers are large, they will be visible from a distance, so we can cover not only the sofa, but also a pillow with this fabric, or even make curtains out of it. It is also worth adding that such curtains made of fabric Eden 8019 will also be perfect in the bathroom, where they will add charm to the room. Flowers on the fabricEden 8109 their appearance resemble beautiful peonies that grow wonderfully in the garden and spread a wonderful fragrance. Therefore, when we want to have such a climate at home at any time of the year, it is worth upholstering it with fabric Eden 8109 your furniture and pillows. This fabric is made of a very strong, jacquard material that is resistant to scratches, so that animals can also use our sofa or armchair, because there will be no traces of paws or claws left on the material.


Span > fabric width = 280cm
1 pc = 0.5 running meters (0.5×2.8m)

Composition: 60% PES, 35% COT, 5% PAC
Weight 320 g/m2
Abrasion 125 000
Propensity to pilling and peeling 4-5
Color resistance to light 6-7
REACH Standard YES
Sposób czyszczenia: można prać w 30st. Można prasować na 1 st. YES
New / Not used YES
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