• Geo Tapestry

Explor the secret of GEO upholstery fabric.

The Geo fabric collection is an offer prepared for people looking for unconventional arrangement solutions. Each of the proposed materials has a unique texture, which allows you to create surprising interior compositions, tailored to the expectations and taste of users. Original textiles with a geometric motif can be used both in the living room or bedroom, as well as in a teenager's room or children's arrangement. What's more, you can risk saying that such designs are timeless.

A big advantage of Geo fabrics is versatility - such materials extremely attractively present themselves on furniture, they are also widely used for the implementation of various accessories and decorations. Fashionable textiles change the whole room in an instant, which is worth seeing for yourself. For demanding users, high quality will also be an important argument - the recommended Geo tapestry fabrics are very effective and pleasant to the touch, and at the same time they are characterized by unquestionable durability and comfortable use for many years.