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Upholstery materials - what can we say about them?

Fashed upholstery materials are a wide range of solutions that we are particularly proud of as a supplier. Each of them has been designed with maximum care, making them like a real and unique work of art. No wonder that the furniture upholstered with it gains a completely new life. So what is worth knowing about the products included in their spectrum?

The smooth upholstery materials available in our offer can be divided into three main varieties. The first of them - with the graceful name Cabello - is a wide spectrum of products that are distinguished by deep, exclusive colors. The vast majority of them are designed in intense and dark colors, among which black, brown and red varieties predominate. Importantly, these models are also extremely pleasant to the touch and - also from the optical side - fill the space with characteristic, luxurious warmth. Our offer also includes Estrella upholstery materials, which - as before - base their style on orderly, elaborate, but also coloristically minimalist decorations. Thanks to this combination, they resemble in a sense elaborate compositions of snowflakes, which, combined with each other, form together one, large, harmonious whole. Finally, it is also worth saying a few words about the Sand family, which includes unusual and significant color patterns. According to the name, it is characterized by a high degree of grain size. Thanks to this, they look exactly as if they were "painted with sand". One can even venture to say that their composition is based on the painting style, the main expression of which were such artists as Gaugin or Van Gogh. So if someone wants to have an interior arranged - literally and figuratively - in an artistic way, then he should decide to choose this particular project.