• Patterned pillows

Purformed pillows are not just stripes and triangles. Which decorative pillow fits you?


Home décor is very important and worth it, it is also worth taking care of the details, which are patterned pillows. Thanks to such small details, we can completely change the décor in any room in your home or apartment.

What pillows to choose for the living room to revive it a bit?

When we have darker walls and furniture in the living room also in dark colors, it is worth adding some color to the living room. In this, patterned pillows will undoubtedly help us. Thanks to the fact that they are with the motif of colorful various geometric patterns, they will add character to our room. Green pillows with patterned patterns or a pillow that resembles a honeycomb pattern will look great in the living room. A good choice will also be a pillow densely woven with an oriental pattern. What is important, each of these pillows, despite its patterned character, is perfect for a modern or even minimalist style. It is also worth to bet on such pillows, which may have different patterns depending on the point of view. Therefore, when guests come to our living room, in one pillow they can discover several patterns such as: life lines, unusual stars or even regular waves. Thanks to this, with the help of one pillow, we can introduce several patterns into our living room that will help us to revive the room.

When patterned pillows suitable for a children's room?

Every parent wants to make the best room for their child. In this he also takes care of its décor. For this, patterned pillows will fit perfectly, which is easy to replace if necessary with new patterns to bring a bit of color to the children's room. Pillows in rainbow drops, which are currently very fashionable, will work great in the children's room. You can also bet on pillows in red diamonds, which will also bring an intense color to the children's room. It is also worth adding that all pillows are very comfortable and safe for children. Our pillows can therefore be used not only for decoration, but also for a pleasant nap. Importantly, in the children's room you can afford to combine patterns differently, so that the child will have a room perfectly suited to his needs.

Place a decorative pattern in your bedroom

In the bedroom, it is also good to introduce some patterns and colors so that we will sleep and stay there better. Thanks to such details as they arepatterned pillows, to we can incredibly change the appearance of the entire bedroom and give it the right character. It is worth betting on decorative pillows, which have geometric patterns drawn on different colors of the pillowcase. Thanks to this, we can keep one pattern in our bedroom at the same time, and at the same time have different colors in it. When we want to introduce a little summer to your bedroom in the winter, it is good to have a pillow with small and beautiful flowers that may remind us of a holiday spent in a summer meadow. It is also good to introduce a hint of the Orient into the bedroom in the form of our pillows. Thanks to this, we will be able to move to warm, oriental countries before bedtime even on winter, long evenings.


How to take care of patterned pillows so that they are beautiful even after the passage of time?

If you decide to use patterned pillows to your apartment or house, it is worth knowing how to care for them right away. Thanks to this, the better we take care of the pillows, the longer we can enjoy their beauty and comfort while sleeping. Our covers are distinguished by the fact that they can be easily washed in a washing machine and nothing will happen to the material. This is a very big advantage, because we do not have to waste time on hand washing, as in the case of other materials. They are also incredibly easy to clean, so children can also have them in their rooms. It should also be remembered that the passage of time also does not change in any way the color of the patterns that are on the pillow and will not disappear after a few years completely from the cover.


What patterned pillows are available on offer?

In our store we have a very wide selection of patterned pillows, thanks to which every even the most demanding customer will find a dream pillow for his room.Patterned pillows, that are available in our store include:

  • techn clover technology,
  • Marocan patterns,
  • 3D circle,
  • livement, 
  • wheel,
  • tribes or squares, 
  • reeasive drops.

Thanking to the fact that we have such a huge selection, it is impossible to list all the designs that are available. However, it is worth remembering that such patterned pillows are timeless and we will not have to completely change the arrangement in our rooms every season.


When patterned pillows will fit into any room in our home?

In each room, we can have a different style that will match the character of the room. It is worth adding, however, that patterned pillows regardless of what we have the main style in the bedroom, or in the children's room, or even in the living room, they can fit perfectly. These types of pillows fit perfectly for people who want to revive their apartment, but without changing the entire décor. Their timeless designs will be perfectly found in every bedroom or living room. It is also worth remembering to decorate your terrace or balcony especially in summer. For this you can also usepatterned pillows, which are incredibly pleasant to the touch and soft. Thanks to the fact that we will use patterned pillows for our terrace or balcony, we will have an original and uniquely decorated interior, and in addition also practically. You will be able to spend summer evenings on the balcony sitting comfortably on a patterned pillow.


It is also worth mentioning that in our store you can buy only the covers of patterned pillows so that we can renew our older pillows that we have at home and give them a second life. This is a very good solution especially for those who think ecologically and care about the environment. Patterned pillows or the covers themselves are also a great idea for a gift.