• Shopping bag with short ear

The world today is moving strongly towards ecology. Therefore, when you go shopping, it is good to have a reusable bag with you. Our beautiful and colorful bags can be selected both on the long shoulder and with a short ear. The material from which thebag is sewn is a tapestry, which is very strong and durable. Thanks to the fact that it is capacious, all purchases will fit us without the need to use plastic bags. What is important, our bags are distinguished by the fact that even after getting dirty, it can be easily cleaned. It can also be cleaned of the largest mud without fear, especially on autumn and spring days, when the weather is rainy and you can get very dirty. Our bag can be put in the washing machine, and the pattern of the bag and the material will not deteriorate. Thanks to this, you can clean the bag even when it gets dirty from the inside. This is a very good solution, because we can use the bag all year round. It is worth having at least two of our bags, because if one will dry after washing, you will be able to use another bag.