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How much does eco-leather have to do with skin?

Leather-like fabric, material: eco-leather

Fabric World to internetshop/wholesaler with decorative, upholstery and curtain fabrics, whose offer could not miss, of course, leather-like furniture and curtain fabrics.

Eco-leather tread is increasingly chosen not only because of its lower price. For a long time it has enjoyed unflagging popularity among our customers.

The ecological and ethical aspect certainly plays a big role. However, also from the point of view of material parameters and appearance, our eco leather is the forefront of the industry.

We guarantee the highest quality of workmanship and first-class design of all leather-like fabrics available in the product catalog of our online wholesaler!


Eco-leather - a completely different look at stylish interior decoration

The eco-leather available in our offer is a high-quality furniture fabric that retains the properties of a traditional leather layer and at the same time is fully ecological. The advantage of the solutions we offer is the rich spectrum of available colors. Among them you can find both classic browns (in more or less intense varieties), as well as unusual black and delicate intermediate colors, including white and gray.

The pride of our eco-leather is that it resembles its natural variety. What's more, it is durable and abrasion resistant. Noteworthy is also the high elasticity of eco-leather, which thus ensures maximum comfort of rest in all conditions. It can be successfully used to upholster virtually any type of furniture. Thanks to this, it will gain a completely new life and - interestingly - thanks to properly designed eco-leather, it will successfully serve for the next, long years.