• Tapestry of Mariposa

That's why Mariposa fabric will wing your interior.

Maripossa is a stylization created primarily for those who appreciate the combination of natural and geometric motifs. It is a form of fabric that works well in various types of interiors. It is worth appreciating its unique colors, which are dominated primarily by warm color variants.


Carefully selected, highest quality, most beautiful patterns woven into the fabric.

Colorfully colored, cute obiciowa decorative fabric. Just in time for lounge furniture for a romantic living room, a girl's room or an atmospheric café. Its name, of course, refers to the leitmotif. Butterfly pattern (mariposa – from Spanish), flowers and handwriting will add charm to any room. Fabric World – a wholesale shop and fabric store – sells this unique material for pieces (1 piece = 0.5 m.b.). We invite you to purchase the original jacquard span class decorative at a great price.