• Upholstery fabric Estera

Upholstery fabric Estera  

When you want to choose the best furniture fabric, you have to be guided not only by its appearance, but also by the material from which it is made. Therefore, it is worth to bet on Estera furniture fabric, which is made of soft and at the same time durable velvet material.


What is it worth having Esther fabric in your home?

Is good idea to upholster our furniture, so we can give it a new look. Furniture fabric Estera through its unique semi-matte color, which is close to plum or burgundy shade, will perfectly fit into the living room or bedroom. Thanks to the fact that upholstery fabric Estera  is very soft and pleasant to the touch, you can pleasantly relax on the couch after a hard day's work.

The furniture fabric Esther is suitable for both modern, minimalist and loft styles. Thanks to this, it will revive any interior in your home and will fit into the whole arrangement.

This upholstery material

will refresh your furniture in any room. Thanks to this, you will be able to easily and quickly change the arrangement in your home. Furniture fabric Estera  will perfectly change the look in your living room or bedroom.

Furniture fabric Estera will change the arrangement of the room

Tkanina The estera is a nice and pleasant to the touch fabric, so you can relax pleasantly on the sofa, which will be upholstered with such material. In addition, Estera furniture fabric will perfectly refresh the living room or bedroom, and even the children's room. The fabric is suitable for upholstering a sofa, corner, sofa or even chairs.


Esther furniture fabric is also durable and durable, making it resistant to various scratches and creases.