• Upholstery fabric EVA

When we want to change the décor of our interior, it is worth using a decorative fabric that will change our room. Furniture fabric soft to the touch makes rest on such a sofa or sofa comfortable and comfortable. Smooth upholstery fabric on our furniture will perfectly create a coherent whole with the style we have at home.

What colors can you get when choosing Eva upholstery fabric?

Thanks to the fact thatthe Eva smooth upholstery fabric is in such fashionable colors, every customer will find the perfect color tailored to their needs and the style they have at home. Among other colors that are available in the offer are:

  • grey
  • brown, 
  • golden
  • beige
  • white
  • red.

These colors are also available in different shades, so you can freely mix them, according to your liking. In this quick and simple way, you can change the appearance in any room in your home and, what is important, you do not need to buy new furniture, but will give a second life to your favorite sofa or armchair.

What distinguishes furniture fabric with the Eva zigzag pattern?

First of all, the fact that it is, it is a fabric very durable and resistant to various types of scratches. It has a flame-retardant coating, thanks to which you can also upholster chairs in the kitchen with this fabric. Furniture fabric is also distinguished by a beautiful zigzag, which is visible on the embroidery. It is also resistant to sunlight on a scale between 4 and 6, which gives us the opportunity to expose it on terrace or balcony furniture. The color of this fabric does not fade even after a dozen or so months. It is also worth adding that this fabric also has limited absorbed liquids, so that even if something spills on it or rain gets on it, it will not do much harm. It should also be remembered thatthe Eva smooth upholstery fabric can be pressed at low temperatures up to a maximum of 110 degrees, so you can keep it in great condition even for long seasons.

How can you care for Eva furniture fabric?

Due to the fact that you can not wash this furniture fabric, it is worth it, it is worth wiping it with a slightly soaked or dry cloth, in the place where it got dirty. It can also be ironed, so that this fabric will always look aesthetically pleasing. Due to the fact that the smooth upholstery fabric is also resistant to some liquids, thanks to this there is no fear that the chairs in the dining room or in the kitchen, which will be upholstered with it, will not be exposed to stains that will not be removed. Importantly, to remove such stains, you do not need to use any strong chemicals.

In which rooms can Eva upholstery fabric be used?

Furniture fabric soft to the touch is great for use in virtually any room. Thanks to its modern colors, it will fantastically match the bedroom, dining room, kitchen or even the children's room. You can use this upholstery fabric for chairs in the dining room or in the kitchen, and thanks to the fact that it is an upholstery fabric very pleasant to the touch, it will be pleasant and comfortable to sit on such chairs.  It is also worth thinking about using this fabric to upholster your favorite terrace or balcony furniture. You can also easily cover pillows with it, or make it also curtains that will look fantastic in the living room.

Does Eva smooth upholstery fabric fit any style?

Our Eva upholstery fabric is also great in that it can adapt to any room and style. Due to the fact that it has such unique and at the same time stylish colors, it can be combined with modern, minimalist, loft,  Scandinavian or even English styles. Thanks to this, in each room we can create a unique and aesthetic style, using Eva upholstery fabric. It is also worth adding that the colors are so fashionable that there will be no need to replace the furniture for the next dozen or so seasons, which will make us not only ecological, but also economical.

How can you match Eva upholstery fabric to your furniture?

If we want the smooth Eva upholstery fabric to fit perfectly into our furniture, then you should measure the sofa, sofa or pillows or chairs in such a way as to mark each of its elements. Thanks to this, we will be sure that we will have enough fabric even when the furniture will not have a standard appearance. You should also add to the upholstery of each leg of the chair or indentation in the sofa, which may arise after folding it. If we are not able to accurately measure the furniture, due to its non-standard shape, then it is good to order a little more material, which can then be used even to upholster your favorite pillow. This is a very good way to change the appearance of your furniture in any room without fear. It is also worth remembering thatfurniture fabric with a zigzag pattern is also great in that its pattern is arranged so that it creates a coherent whole on each piece of furniture, regardless of its shape. Thanks to this, you can use Eva upholstery fabric for upholstery, not only sofas and sofas, but also chairs, pillows.

Is it worth having Eva upholstery fabric in your home? 

If we want the upholstery fabric that we will use for our furniture to be durable and resistant to scratches, it is worth choosing Eva furniture fabric. We will then be sure that the smooth upholstery fabric will withstand all use by both household members and guests. Therefore, it can be freely used on furniture in virtually any room and on the terrace or balcony.

Furniture fabric soft to the touch is an ideal solution for anyone who appreciates comfort and convenience. Thanks to this, you can give your favorite furniture a second life in great and fashionable colors. What is important, this fabric has such vivid and expressive colors that the furniture that will be upholstered with it will certainly stand out fantastically from other furniture that we have in our room. It should also be remembered that this fabric also fits perfectly on terrace or balcony furniture.