• Upholstery fabric French Velvet

If you need a change in your home, it's a good idea to start by changing the look of your furniture and pillows, or even curtains. Thanks to this, the apartment will immediately come to life, and everything at the same time will retain its modern style. That is why it is worth reaching for the French Velvet upholstery fabric, which is an excellent choice and, what is important, its colors will be fashionable for the next several seasons. It should also be remembered that this type of fabric can also be used in virtually any room.

What colors can you choose when deciding on French Velvet fabric?

Colors are a very important decorative part, which is why we have different color ranges available so that customers can choose their favorite color. Among other things, you can choose such colors as:

  • orange
  • yellow
  • grey
  • pink
  • blue
  • green
  • black
  • brown
  • beige
  • mint
  • light grey
  • violet
  • golden
  • red
  • burgundy
  • dark blue.

Thanks to this, velvet fabric is such a frequently chosen material. It is also worth adding that the colors of our velvet collection fabric are so vivid and at the same time aesthetic that they can be combined with each other in different sets. It is a very good idea to combine green with yellow or gold, you can also match red with gold, and purple with gray. This is a fantastic way to make upholstery fabric bring a natural and warm style to your rooms.

What are the advantages of French upholstery fabric?

First of all, the Decorative Fabric French Velvet is pleasant to the touch and there are no sharp elements that could scratch us, which is why this material fits so well for pillows or upholstery of sofas. Velvet is a fantastic material to create a modern and glamorous style in your home. What is important, such a fabric is also very durable and does not crease, so there is no need to iron this fabric. The velor  material is also characterized by the fact that it is very durable and resistant to various types of scratches or scratches. A very important advantage of this material is also that the color is resistant to sunlight, which makes it possible to additionally upholster the furniture on the balcony or terrace. The softness and pleasure to the touch of French fabric makes it great to rest on a sofa upholstered with this material. What's more, upholstery velor does not contain any elements that can sensitize or irritate the delicate skin of a child, which is why allergy sufferers can also use this fabric.

In which rooms will French Velvet decorative fabric be found?

Upholstery fabric fits fantastically with the occupancy of your favorite sofa or sofa in the living room, bedroom or children's room. You can also make great pillowcases from this material, which will perfectly decorate the rooms in the house. Importantly, such decorative pillows using French fabric can also decorate chairs in the dining room or in the kitchen. An excellent decoration is also the use of pillows on terrace or garden furniture. French Velvet upholstery fabric fits perfectly with terrace and balcony furniture, which is why you can decorate our favorite places to relax with great colors. In the children's room,velvet upholstery fabric in colors such as gold, red, blue, yellow, or green or red will fit perfectly, thanks to which this room will be cozy and children will be happy to spend time in it. Due to the fact that the colors of this fabric can be easily combined with each other, in any room, it can enliven our home.

How to clean and care for French Velvet fabric?

It is very important to take care of the upholstery fabric, thanks to which it can serve us for several seasons. However, it is worth remembering that Frnech Velvet decorative fabric cannot be washed in a washing machine and ironed, because it is too delicate material for such chemical treatments, but you can use manual washing. It is enough to use a slightly soaked or completely dry cloth or sponge and once in a while wipe your furniture and pillowcases. Thanks to this, we will maintain the cleanliness of our fabric at all times. It is also worth gently refreshing the velor material from crumbs with a vacuum cleaner, especially on the sofa or favorite sofa, which may appear during use.

Is this fabric in fashion and worth having in your home?

French Velvet fabric due to the fact that it has such a large selection of different colors, and is a smooth and pleasant material, it is a great choice to have it in your home. Thanks to the fact that they are such vivid and aesthetic colors of the fabric, we can use it to upholster various pieces of furniture in our favorite rooms. Due to the fact that it is a material very resistant to various external factors, it is worth having it at home and refreshing your interiors. Importantly, thanks to the use of French Velvet decorative fabric, we introduce a modern and elegant style into our interior, which can also be combined with other styles. It is also worth adding that the furniture upholstered with this fabric will stand out incredibly from other textiles and furniture that we have in the room, thanks to which guests and family will immediately notice our changes. Fashionableupholstery fabric will make it unnecessary to renovate and change the styling in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or children's room for several consecutive seasons. It should also be added here that due to the fact that we can also use this fabric for garden furniture, all elements of our home and garden will form a coherent whole.

Velvet collection is a great choice to refresh your interiors without the need to buy a new sofa, chairs or pillows. Thanks to this, our favorite places to relax will regain their splendor and we will have a great time there. French Velvet decorative fabric is a material that will perfectly fit in every home, regardless of what area we have. Velor is also a material that can cope well in various conditions, which is why it is such a popular material among our customers.