When looking for an idea to stylishly decorate the interior of your apartment, consider buying decorative accessories. Decorative pillows are perfect for this role. Their choice is huge, so you can easily choose them to the style that prevails in your rooms. Regardless of the design you prefer, this type of textiles pampers and warms the decor, making it refined to perfection. See what patterns and colors are best to choose!

Decorative pillows in various interior styles - get inspired

Each design has its own characteristic features that distinguish it from other arrangement trends. To be sure that the selected accessories harmoniously harmonize with the rest of the decor, learn about the specific attributes of the most popular interior styles. Thanks to this, you can choose the appropriate decorative pillows, matching both the color and pattern motifs to the aesthetics of the room.

Decorative pillows for minimalist arrangements

In the Scandinavian style, the emphasis is on simplicity and neatness of the decor. The additives are kept to a minimum, which is why their careful selection is so important. It cannot be accidental, because in interiors with a small amount of equipment, it is the decorations that are most visible and create the atmosphere. Contrary to appearances, you do not have to focus on minimalist accessories. If you want to break the monotony and liven up the decor, choose a few colorful decorative pillows. A black model with a butterfly or a beige model with multi-colored flowers will be perfect.

Decorative pillows in retro style

Do you appreciate design referring to the old times and create an arrangement in your apartment that resembles your grandmother's room, which you visited during your childhood? Currently, there are many lovers of vintage style, and ornaments in this trend enjoy unflagging popularity. This also applies to decorative pillows. Models decorated with the motif of small roses or field poppies perfectly match the antiqued decor.
Do you like the atmosphere of French Provence? Choose decorative pillows in this style!

Lavender is the leitmotif of the Provencal style - it is the purple fields dotted with this plant that are most associated with this design. No wonder that his enthusiasts buy textiles and decorations with accents of pale purple, often using pillows depicting lavender in a pot.

Geometric and abstract patterns - something for lovers of eclecticism

If there is a carefully arranged stylistic chaos in your interiors, you most likely choose eclecticism, i.e. a combination of many designs. Decorative pillows decorated with abstract motifs and geometric shapes look great in such designs. You don't have to limit yourself! You can choose several products - each in a different color. Such a composition will delight lovers of original combinations and bring fresh energy to the rooms.

What to look for when choosing decorative pillows for your home?

Aesthetics is not everything - although the appearance of decorative pillows is important, the quality of their performance is equally important, which includes:

fabric - a good choice is a jacquard that is highly resistant to mechanical damage, variable temperatures and intensive use. An alternative may be velvet fabric - smooth and extremely pleasant to the touch,
type of insert used in the product - an interesting solution is silicone, which you can take out of the pillow before washing it,
easy to keep clean - check if the fabric can be washed and at what temperatures, and if it can be ironed.

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