• Fabric World news 2022!

2022-01-03 17:30:00 Fabric World
Fabric World news 2022!

After a year full of turmoil and fervor, it's time to rest. The year 2022 will welcome us with minimalism and simplicity in many areas. The upholstery novelties in the coming year also take on a fully idyllic atmosphere. It is worth remembering that fashion must be interesting not only on the streets and London fashion catwalks, but also in the materials with which we interact every day. Fashionable upholstery should provide the appropriate style to a given interior and guarantee the comfort of use. Every year, at the interior design fair, we can meet trends for the coming year - regarding colors, patterns and upholstery forms. All original ideas and solutions allow us to arrange our interiors anew, giving them a fashionable character. Currently, the role of upholstery fabrics is extremely important,

The colors of the earth

The next season of interior design trends brings peace and gentleness of earth tones. This is good news for people who like timelessness and classics. Colors and structures, strongly related to nature, are so universal that they will not go out of fashion for a long period of time. Living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms harmonize perfectly with subdued colors. Natural tones perfectly correspond to many arrangement styles. Modern, art deco, boho or industrial style, it will surely take on a bit of classics with open arms. In addition, natural colorsperfectly harmonize with wood, stone and metal. Earth colors are by far the strongest trend in the coming year. These are mainly browns, beiges, grays, as well as all pastels. Apart from colors, all forms and structures also refer to the natural world.

Reliable nature

The year 2022 is not only the colors of the earth, but also interesting forms. Spatial structures and inspiration with natural fibers prompts us to buy structured fabrics dyed in natural colors. Thick and distinct fabrics, often reminiscent of linen or Gazejski weave, refer to traditional craftsmanship - weaving. One of them is the Boucle type material, which with its texture is reminiscent of precious stones, and its loop-shaped patterns perfectly match the natural trend. Moreover, in the coming year, smooth fabrics resembling plush will also be very popular. Their streak, which will last throughout 2021, will last longer. All fabrics, resembling plush, are equated with luxury, and upholstered furniture upholstered in such a fabric is the focal point in a given room.

The most important trends of Boucle fabrics

The characteristic Boucle fabric , made of looped yarn, will conquer the interior design market in 2022. Its warm, subdued colors allow for interior arrangements in the most fashionable trends. New products for 2022 that have entered our offer are fabrics in the colors of extremely beautiful and strong browns and dark bottle green. However, for fans of softer colors, the manufacturer has provided a fabric in shades of powder pink and warm beige. Thanks to its extremely thick and warm structure, Boucle fabric is perfect as an upholstery for chairs, beds or sofas. It is worth paying attention to the fact that it is very resistant to abrasion. Its structure is reminiscent of the traditional, often hand-woven, sidewalks of our mothers and grandmothers.

Safe nature of Cabello fabrics

The Cabello fabric is perfect for upholstery of chairs, armchairs, sofas and even for bedroom curtains. Extremely fashionable and often chosen by users in 2021, it follows the trend of naturalness in the next season. The passing year was abundant in plush sofas, in clear, often flashy colors. However, in the coming year, our offer is expanding to the Cabello fabric that takes on earth tones, broken with a light color in the form of pastel roses and purple. Thanks to its structure of soft plush, Cabello is extremely pleasant to read by every user, and the smooth surface it creates gives the room an atmosphere of mystery and sublime luxury.