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2022-01-13 17:08:00 Fabric World
Patterned fabrics at Fabric World

Do you like patterned fabrics and want to diversify your interior? Check what our online store offers. In this article, you'll find lots of inspiration and tips on how to get creative with multi-colored materials. Thanks to them, you will refresh your furniture and completely change the decor of your home!

Flower patterns

The fashion for floristic themes never fades away. However, only in Fabric World you will find unusual fabrics that delight with the intensity and multitude of colors. You can choose from:

  • traditional roses - both small, climbing on the pergola, and larger ones - effective and expressive,
  • tropical flowers surrounded by ferns,
  • blue-green leaves,
  • various types of compositions, for example, made of peonies.

We mainly offer jacquard fabrics, ideal for upholstering furniture and sewing pillowcases. The flowers are a tasteful complement to the rustic, classic and Parisian styles. If you want to diversify the arrangement of your home a bit, they will definitely work great. They will bring a breath of freshness to the interior!

Animal prints

Fabrics with animal motifs are equally popular. They are very often used to diversify a uniform arrangement. An impressive sofa with butterflies and birds will look great in the center of a living room dominated by pastels or shades of white. The larger the theme, the more difficult it is to match it with a specific decor, but it's worth experimenting in this regard. In our online store you can buy high-quality materials with a lion, tiger and zebra, but you can also choose traditional cockerels. Each of them is impressive!

Where can such elements appear? Predatory mammals will be a great addition in a loft and modern style. Subtle butterflies are a perfect fit for children's rooms, and birds are especially recommended for cozy, rustic interiors. However, a lot depends on what the animal motifs will be combined with. There are many possibilities, so it all depends on your creativity.

Geometric motifs

Geometric patterns are a classic, very liked and eagerly used by designers. They are associated mainly with the 1960s, when they dominated not only in interiors, but also in fashion. To this day, they have many supporters and are widely used. They are the perfect complement to uniform spaces.

In our fabric store  you will find both bi-colored and multi-colored fabrics. Some resemble mosaics, others create optical illusions. They delight with the intensity of colors and can completely change the room you arrange. They primarily fit the vintage style, but you can apply them to any style - some of them are very universal. Use them to create unique curtains and the effect will surprise you!

Original statements

Surreal tigers in the blue-green jungle are one of our many proposals for people looking for something really special. Patterned fabrics are not only standard motifs, but also unusual combinations for those who like to be original. They can be used to cover furniture and cushions at home, but also in commercial spaces. For dining outlets, we recommend materials with a coffee and lavender motif. For dreamers, we have a jacquard fabric with colorful birds and the words: love, fly, dreams.

This type of upholstery can change an old, worn-out piece of furniture beyond recognition. Therefore, we encourage you to renovate it - on your own or with the help of a professional upholsterer. Sometimes it is enough to refresh the sofa or sofa a bit so that it will serve your family for years to come. So try to give her a second life!

Why is it worth it?

Independent design develops creativity and allows you to create a unique, ideally suited to you interior. That is why many people give up purchasing standard furniture and make items "with soul". Patterned fabrics will certainly make this task easier for you. Familiarize yourself with our offer and order something special today!