• Patterned upholstery fabrics

2020-10-01 17:06:00 Fabric World
Patterned upholstery fabrics

Upholstered furniture is present in every living room and no matter if it is chairs, sofas or armchairs, the room equipped with it gives the impression of being cozier. Patterned upholstery fabrics warm up any decor and give it a unique character. What motifs to choose for individual interiors so that the whole thing looks coherent? Read our tips and create a unique arrangement!

Patterned fabric

Flowers and other plant, geometric or animal motifs are timeless variants of upholstery materials. Patterned fabrics are more and more often used for corner sofas and classic sofas. A well-chosen pattern adds a special character to the furniture, which can give the impression of not only more comfortable, but also elegant. It is not uncommon that the sofa used so far, despite the fact that it is functional, looks gnawed by the tooth of time due to faded or worn upholstery. In such a situation, covering it with a new fabric in an original pattern will turn it into a sophisticated, original piece of furniture that will delight not only your household members, but also visiting guests.

Upholstery fabric for bedroom furniture

Interestingly selected, patterned decorative fabric with floral motifs will be perfect for the bedroom. The furniture upholstered with it, such as an armchair for reading before going to bed, a chair in front of the dressing table or a headboard, will add a touch of romance and discreet charm to the room. In such an interior, you can relax and start a new day with a smile.

Teenage room

Fashionable patterned upholstery fabrics with animal motifs are another proposal. Popular are:

  • leopard spots,
  • zebra stripes,
  • giraffe patches,
  • peacock eyes.

They will perfectly decorate the rooms of older children and teenagers. Covered beds, armchairs, pouffes and chairs will make the room more expressive. An additional accent emphasizing such a detail are pillows in pillowcases with patterns of monstera leaves, palm trees or tropical flowers.

Cabinet in animal motifs

Animal patterned upholstery materials will work for the office. These can be, for example, tiger stripes, snake or crocodile skin. A patterned upholstery fabric imitating snow irbis fur (with characteristic black and brown spots on a light background) or an imitation of black and white or brown and white cow leather will add to its original character. These types of materials go well with massive furniture and antiques.

Rooms for the youngest users

Beautiful, fabulously colorful flowers, animal motifs or geometric shapes in the form of colored rectangles, circles, stars or stripes are the perfect upholstery fabrics for the room of babies and young children. Such decoration can be upholstered couches, chairs and poufs, and it can also be hung on a curtain rod above the window to act as a curtain.

A place for family meetings - the living room and more

The living room is the most representative room in every home, which is why we pay the greatest attention to its appearance. Each upholstered piece of furniture placed here should match the color of the room interior, which has a positive effect on the aesthetic experience of users. Therefore, the choice of the right upholstery fabrics depends only on the taste of the buyer.

Beautiful patterned decorative fabric is also used in the upholstery of kitchen, dining and hall furniture. These are most often chairs, where the material is used on the seats, and sometimes also on the backs.

Fabrics with various patterns can be used for upholstery. Most often these are upholstery materials with geometric motifs:

  • uniform lattice,
  • squares,
  • triangles,
  • zigzags,
  • cube pattern,
  • wide and narrow stripes.

Fashionable patterned upholstery fabrics - check out our collection!

Always try to choose the colors of the upholstery materials in such a way that they complement the colors in the room. Are you looking for interesting solutions? In the collection of the Fabric World online store you will find the most fashionable patterned decorative fabrics, perfectly matching various rooms and styles. Check, choose shades and motifs and add a completely new character to your furniture.