• Which upholstery fabric to choose?

2022-01-13 17:22:00 Fabric World
Which upholstery fabric to choose?

Don't know how to transform your old sofa or armchair? Or maybe you are looking for a simple way to refresh the look of your couch? If so, the upholstery fabrics offered by the Fabric World online store will help you with a quick metamorphosis. Below you will find some practical tips that will make it easy for you to buy the right material. We invite!

What to pay attention to when choosing an upholstery fabric?

Technical parameters and functional properties are of the greatest importance. The material for upholstery in the first place must be resistant to abrasion and fading. This is especially important in the case of sofas and armchairs exposed to intense sunlight.

Secondly, the upholstery fabric should not pilling over time. This phenomenon is most often visible in the case of products with a large admixture of synthetic fibers, e.g. polyesters.

Third, the material must be easy to clean. It is worth remembering that the upholstery fabric cannot be simply removed and put in the washing machine. Therefore, it is very important to choose a product that will be easy to care for. From a practical point of view, materials that do not absorb dirt and liquids are the best.

When it comes to colors, you can follow current trends or match the color to the character of your own interior.

What upholstery fabrics can you find in our warehouse?

Upholstery materials are produced using both natural and artificial fibers. The former are much more pleasant to touch, but unfortunately less durable. Therefore, the most popular are mixed products that combine all the most important features. The weave, i.e. the type of weaving, determines the appearance and durability of the product. Below we present selected upholstery fabrics that you can find in our Fabric World online store:

  • jacquard - it is a fabric made of colored threads using a special jacquard machine; it is very pleasant to the touch, durable and resistant to temperature fluctuations,
  • braid - it is practically indestructible, therefore it works very well as a cover for upholstered furniture; traditional braids are distinguished by strong fiber, dense weave and excellent durability,
  • velvet - the structure resembles silk or velvet, which is why it is perfect for the renovation of armchairs, pouffes and sofas in the Louis style; in our warehouse you will find velvet upholstery fabrics with an exclusive finish and a noble gloss,
  • chenille - this is a material made using a chenille thread; it is very soft to the touch, easy to care for and resistant to damage,
  • eco leather - it perfectly replaces natural leather, characterized by high durability and easy to clean; in the online store, we offer leather-like fabrics that meet all stringent Polish and European requirements.

What should a good upholstery material stand out?

Upholstery fabrics of good quality are aesthetic, durable and stain resistant. When you reach for a top-shelf product, you can be sure that it will keep its original appearance for a long time. However, skillful maintenance and care are also important. Whichever material you order, be sure to care for it properly. Do not use aggressive chemicals or vacuum cleaners for cleaning. In most cases, a cloth and water with a little soap will suffice.


Furniture with fabric upholstery has enjoyed unflagging popularity for years. When choosing an upholstery fabric, pay attention primarily to its durability and strength. Before buying, try to get to know the properties of a given product well - thanks to this you will avoid disappointment. To change an old piece of furniture at a low cost, see the offer of the Fabric World online warehouse. The assortment includes both shiny and matt fabrics that will perfectly decorate an armchair, couch or sofa.