Velvet fabrics - how to choose?

Elegant, delicate and incredibly soft to the touch - this is how you can characterize it in a few words Velvet fabric. If you value precious and timeless materials, you've come to the right place. In today's post, we'll take a closer look at the velvet, which is great for both upholstering furniture and sewing curtains. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the benefits of this material and the offer of the fabric store.

A few words about the history of Velvet fabric

Also referred to as weft plush - velvet - is a material with quite a long history. It has been known in Europe since the beginning of the XNUMXth century, while it came to Poland only in the XNUMXth century. The largest production centers of Velvet were primarily Italian cities such as Genoa, Venice and Florence. This characteristic type of plush is made of warp and two threads. The first of them connects to the warp in the oblique weave, while the second in the satin, weft.

Due to the incredible elegance and nobility, Velvet was initially used mainly to sew liturgical vestments and representative costumes intended for lay people (such as costumes, ball gowns, etc.). A little later, it began to be used to upholster furniture. Nowadays, this material is still very popular. The additions created from it are extremely tasteful and retain their attractive appearance for a long time, adding an intriguing depth and coziness to the interior.

Velvet fabric - what do we value it for?

First of all, for a refined look and amazing softness to the touch. Thanks to its unique structure, this material is often compared to a luxurious velvet. Velvet fabric boasts many advantages, including:

  • subtle and elegant look,
  • variety of applications,
  • durability and strength,
  • safety for the youngest,
  • ease of cleaning.

Velvet is an excellent upholstery material that is suitable for upholstery of armchairs, chairs or sofas. It is also great for sewing curtains, animal beds and even children's toys. What is especially important - this fabric does not require chemical cleaning. To get rid of the dirt, usually just wipe it with a damp cloth.

What to consider when choosing Velvet fabric?

You definitely need to keep in mind the purpose of the material, as well as the style of the interior you choose it for. Velvet fabric in a uniform color is an excellent choice for an elegant living room or bedroom in which you want to arrange the window in a tasteful way. It's also great for refurbishing old furniture. Materials with a ribbed structure will be much better found in stylized rooms arranged in a retro or vintage atmosphere.

The online wholesale has two versions of Velvet fabric in the assortment. The smooth material from the Mustang line is perfect for cushions, simpler furniture and elegant curtains. Thanks to its unique structure, it is very pleasant to touch and friendly to the baby's sensitive skin.

Our offer fabric store it also has a quilted version, which can be an ideal proposition especially for lovers of glamor interiors. The material from the French Velvet collection combines a delicate and pleasant texture with high basis weight and very good abrasion resistance. The fabric in this version looks beautiful on the upholstered headboard of the bed or sofa seat.


The unique structure and elegant appearance are undoubtedly the biggest advantages of the Velvet fabric, valued for centuries. If you are looking for a material that will allow you to enrich the apartment with an original detail, velvet will be an excellent choice. In our online warehouse you will find the highest quality products, the use of which for furniture, pillows or curtains will add splendor to any interior. Check and place your order today!


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