Decorative fabrics - an overview of patterns

Skilful selection of material allows for the implementation of unique tailoring projects. When looking for the right product, it is worth paying attention to the original decorative fabrics offered by online store / fabric wholesaler . From this post you will learn more about contemporary textile trends, and you will also find out what products you can reach for to get eye-catching accessories in your interior. We invite you!

1. Fabric with a floral motif - it will change every apartment

If you are looking for a new nafff material for pillows or curtains, your attention will certainly be drawn to a product inspired by a floral motif. This pattern is the hottest trend of the last season. It allows you to add a joyful character to the room and enliven it wonderfully. Oriental decorative fabrics offered by our online wholesale store are perfect for decorating any interior. An exotic accent can appear both on small pillowcases and on the entire piece of furniture, constituting the leitmotif of the arrangement. Juicy colors and an interesting pattern not only attract the attention of guests, but also positively affect the mood of the household members, improving their well-being. The presented floral fabrics are an ideal proposition for everyone who dreams of a bit of green space in the apartment.

2. Velvet - not only for royal interiors

Having many faces - velvet fabric - is another material worth paying attention to. Velvet decorative fabrics with an elegant appearance are increasingly used to arrange modern interiors. They allow you to make the decor more cozy, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding aesthetes. Gloss Velvet available in the offer of our online store is not only incredibly soft and pleasant to the touch. It is also characterized by a beautiful gloss, like a jewel, allowing you to emphasize the unique character of the apartment. This type of material looks particularly elegant on pillows, but you can also successfully use it to sew curtains or even as an upholstery for your favorite lounge sofa. Fuego and French Velvet fabrics are also worth checking out.

3. Melange fabric - a classic that never goes out of style

Another proposal that you will find in the Fabric World warehouse assortment is a melange decorative fabric. Chenille - a material sewn from fibers in various colors perfectly fits into the interior design trend of nostalgia, which manifests itself, for example, in the passion for vintage furniture. Subdued colors, selected in cooperation with the best designers, as well as a subtle pattern make it easy to integrate it into the decor of any apartment. It will work well in spaces arranged in Scandinavian, classic, Provencal and rustic styles.

4. Material with a geometric pattern - the essence of modern style

If you want to make a quick metamorphosis of the interior, unusual fabrics with a geometric pattern . Properly composed with the rest of the accessories, they will create a dynamic whole, without overwhelming the atmosphere of the apartment. fabrics. This fabric will perfectly fit into modern, minimalist and modernist styles. You can use it, for example, for pillowcases or as a cover for a youth furniture.


Woven with precision and passion, the decorative fabrics offered by our online store will allow you to create your dream design. You can easily match their color to the finish of your apartment, because we offer all products in a wide range of colors. Regardless of whether you are a lover of classic or modern arrangements, you will certainly find something for yourself in the collections available at


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