Eco leather is one of the most popular upholstery materials. Known for decades, it enjoys unflagging popularity among customers, perfectly imitating natural skin. In addition to being extremely flexible and soft to the touch, it also does not cause major difficulties in care. That is why in this post our specialists from online fabric wholesaler Fabric World will give you some factual tips on how to wash leather-like products.

What is natural skin replacement material?

Eco leather, very often also referred to as artificial leather or ecological, synthetic product. What distinguishes it from natural leather is primarily the fact that animals are not used to obtain it. Visually, it resembles a real leather surface. This is why it works perfectly as an effective upholstery material. It is therefore a valuable alternative for people who, for various reasons, are looking for an ecological alternative. In our online store's offer you will find, among others, high-quality Fenix ​​synthetic leather, which is great in both modern and classic arrangements. All the benefits of natural leather can also boast of BOLD material. Due to the fact that the most modern technologies were used to manufacture it, it is durable, durable and resistant to abrasion.

How to care for eco leather products - learn practical tips!

Armchairs, couches, sofas made of artificial leather will remain exclusive for a long time if you care for them properly. The use of unsuitable cleaning agents will not only destroy the structure of the material, but also make it more susceptible to the absorption of dirt. Although leather is very similar to natural leather, in fact quite different preparations are used for its care.
Here are three valuable tips to keep your eco leather products in perfect condition!

Regular cleaning

Organic leather should be regularly refreshed, otherwise it will lose its shine. For this purpose, a soft sponge and water with the addition of a small amount of washing up liquid will work best. You can also use gray soap.


As a rule, eco-leather products should not be washed in automatic washing machines. If you notice that larger dirt has appeared on the fabric, wash it by hand. However, there are also such materials that are suitable for cleaning in the machine, but only on a delicate mode and with minimal revolutions during centrifugation. No pre-soaking in water.

Suitable chemicals

It is recommended to wash and clean decorative fabrics from mild detergents. Certainly alcohol, kerosene, chlorine, solvents and various corrosive compounds will not work here. Instead, choose delicate liquids and foams that will not damage the surface of the fabric.

What else to remember when cultivating eco leather products?

Furniture and curtains should not only be regularly cleaned, but also maintained. Do this at least once a month, thanks to which synthetic leather will not lose its natural glow. Professional impregnations based on water will be best for impregnation, but ordinary petroleum jelly is also recommended.


Eco leather products are practical and elegant, which is why they are great not only at home, but also in hotels and restaurants. In addition to the fact that they match almost any decor, they also do not cause problems in cleaning and washing. If you are interested in high quality leather-like materials, now we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer prepared by our online fabric World Wholesale. Discover products that have the benefits of natural leather and are free from all its flaws!

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    Anonymous says:

    Most eco (about 90%) withstands the guarantee, i.e. 2 years, then it begins to peel so that after the next 2 years the material undercoat remains. I am an upholsterer and I know what I am saying


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