We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the assortment of decorative pillows, which are available in many views. In our shop / warehouse with fabrics awaits you a large selection of hansel decorated with plant motifs. Thanks to the variety of designs among the products collected in the catalogue, every customer will surely find the right model for himself! In this category decorative pillows in the variant in flowers. We also encourage you to check the remaining suggestions from the store.

Every decorative pillow available in our warehouse was made with the greatest attention to detail. For production we used the best quality jacquard fabrics, which are highly appreciated among specialists. It is a material with high density and interesting texture, thanks to which the jasiek made of it looks very attractive. The products are decorated with floral patterns, so they will look good as an ornament of a couch in the living room or a bed in the bedroom. The plant motif was printed on the fabric – we used the best quality dyes for this.
Decorative pillows in flowers
We present jacquard pillows in flowers, which retain their attractive appearance for a long time. This is primarily due to the material, which is distinguished by its high resistance to mechanical damage, which makes it an excellent raw material for decorative models. Also, plant motifs eschy on the surface of the jasmine are characterized by strength, thanks to modern pigments resistant to UV radiation. The design used on our fabrics is stylish and diverse, which is why every product is a real decoration of any room.

In the price of the purchased product you also receive a cartridge, distinguished by high elasticity and high quality. We offer pillows in flowers in a standard size of 45×45 centimeters. They can be successfully used as decorative accessories for the holiday set. We also encourage you to check the remaining products in the catalog of our warehouse. We offer m.in. with animals, tablecloths with plant motifs, Christmas or other interesting patterns.