Upholstery fabrics

What upholstery fabric to choose?

Not sure how to change an old sofa or armchair? Or are you looking for a simple way to refresh the look of your couch? If so, the fabrics offered by fabric world online store will help you with a quick makeover. Below are some practical tips to

Decorative fabrics with upholstery and curtain flowers in Fabric World

One of the timeless trends in interior design is floristic motifs, which return to grace from time to time. Flowery patterns look very good both on furniture and on curtains. If you are looking for interesting ideas on how to use fabrics in flowers, youare in the right
Patterned fabrics - jamaica malawi peru


Jamaica, Peru, Malawi This is one of our new fabrics. Isn’t that beautiful? :) If you have ideas for use – write. PreviousNext
Fabrics on furnitures

On furniture

Furniture in our fabrics If you have pictures of your furniture in our fabrics – upload. Inspiration and use of fabrics as decoration or curtains also welcome :) We will reward you with a discount on your next purchases!
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Did you know that…

Did you know that… Fabrics,it is contrary to appearances a very interesting topic :) We will share with you some interesting facts,but not only. If you have any questions, or need advice on the choice of fabrics and their type(velvet, szenil, jacquard, eco-leather, prints,etc.) – write. drukowanki We

Easy-to-clean fabrics

Easy Life easy-to-clean fabrics Easy Life technology,easy cleaning involves covering fibers a special apreure that does not allow dirt to penetrate deep into the structure of the Fabric. Stains created during use can be removed without major problems with a cloth and water, and in the case of

Sofa life

Sofa life It has been calculated that on average in Europe and the USA the sofa is replaced every 8 years. Of course, in many cases the couch has served its owners even for decades, but nowadays fashion takes over the sentiment and furniture is replaced with the

New autumn 2018 now available!

Fibero – autumn 2018 collection Buy now! Buy now! Autumn is undoubtedly a time of beautiful colors. A great reference to these words is the PALMAS Velvet collection. Look at these shades! Palmas Velvet 1356 – you can see shades of yellow, red and green… what color is