for clients / contractors

  1. Personal data protection as part of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The administrator is Studio4U Piotr Piechotawho has concluded a contract or cooperates with a contractor based on permanent or one-off orders.

In this clause, we inform you about the ways in which personal data is used, as well as about the rights of natural persons related to the collection and use of such data. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at the e-mail address:

  1. The scope of information

In this Studio4 clause Piotr Piechota informs about all forms of use of personal data in Poland in relation to natural persons who are:

  1. Studio4U suppliers or contractors Piotr Piechota,
  2. Studio4U suppliers or contractors subcontractors Piotr Piechota,
  3. partners, employees, statutory representatives, proxies, representatives of suppliers, contractors or their subcontractors, other persons whose data we process for the purpose of issuing or implementing invoices in cooperation with suppliers or contractors (jointly "the State" or "Contractors").
  1. Types of personal data processed

Data provided by Contractors

In connection with the cooperation between you and Studio4U Piotr Piechota, which may involve in particular the provision of services or the goods you represent to Studio4U Piotr Piechota or cooperation through intermediaries, we may process personal data provided by you, such as:

  1. name and surname, company, business address and correspondence addresses,
  2. numbers in the relevant registers (e.g. NIP or REGON number, PESEL number),
  3. contact details such as email address or telephone or fax number,
  4. position held by you within your organization or function,
  5. possessed qualifications,
  6. Bank account number.

When entering into a contract directly between you and Studio4U Piotr Piechota, providing the data specified above is voluntary, but necessary for the purpose of concluding the contract and handling cooperation between you and Studio4U Piotr Piechota. This also applies when Studio4U Piotr Piechota they order goods or services from you cyclically or once.

In case you do not conclude a contract directly with Studio4U Piotr Piechota, providing personal data may be your duty or may be necessary to conclude a contract between you and a third party (e.g. when you are a subcontractor of a contractor). The consequence of not providing data is the inability to perform the above actions by Studio4U Piotr Piechota (for example, failure to provide data may result in the inability to process or issue an invoice).

Contact details of the Contractors indicated in points a) -f) will be processed by Studio4U Piotr Piechota as a data administrator for the purposes of creating a Counterparties Database.

Data collected from other sources

We may collect your personal data from publicly available sources, such as CEIDG or KRS business registers to verify the information you provide. In this case, the scope of processed data will be limited to data available to the public in relevant registers.

We may also obtain your personal data from the entities in which you are employed or whose representatives you are. In this case, the scope of processed data will include information necessary to support cooperation and contact with the Counterparty, e.g. information about the termination of your employment with a given entity or change of contact details.

We may also obtain personal data of Contractors' subcontractors from Contractors who have provided Studio4U Piotr Piechota such data in order to support cooperation between the Contractor and Studio4U Piotr Piechota.

  1. Legal grounds, purposes and periods of data processing

Legal grounds for data processing

We process personal data only if:

  1. processing is necessary to fulfill contractual obligations towards you if you are or will be a party to the contract concluded with Studio4U Piotr Piechota or to take specific actions before the conclusion of the contract, e.g. preparation of a draft contract (art.6 par.1 lit.b RODO);
  2. processing is necessary to comply with Studio4U's legal obligations Piotr Piechota or it is explicitly dictated by a legal provision (art.6 par.1 lit.c RODO) - in the scope of personal data contained in documents subject to archiving on the basis of legal provisions;
  3. processing is necessary for the legitimate interests of Studio4U Piotr Piechota or a third party and does not unduly affect your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms (Article 6 (1) (f) of the GDPR). When processing personal data on this basis, we always try to balance our legitimate interest and your privacy

Legitimate interests are:

  1. enabling Studio4U Piotr Piechota contact with Contractors and service of a given contract;
  2. using the contact details of the Counterparties as part of the Counterparties Database;
  3. prevention of fraud and criminal activities;
  4. determination or investigation by Studio4U Piotr Piechota civil law claims cooperating with the Contractor as part of their business, as well as defense against such claims;
  5. verification of the Counterparty's credibility;
  6. verification of Contractors in public registers.

Periods of data processing set for individual purposes

Personal data is processed only for a specific purpose and to the extent necessary to achieve it and for as long as it is necessary. Below are the basic goals that Studio4U implements Piotr Piechota by processing personal data and the periods for which it processes it:

  1. obligations under the contract - the duration of the contract between the Contractor and Studio4U Piotr Piechota;
  2. storage of documentation for the purpose of demonstrating compliance with legal obligations, in particular the Accounting Act and the Tax Code - the period indicated in the relevant provisions of law. As a rule, these are 5-year periods, counted from the end of the calendar year in which the event occurred (e.g. issuing an invoice);
  3. for the purposes of determination or investigation by Studio4U Piotr Piechota civil law claims as part of the business, as well as defense against such claims - for appropriate periods of limitation of such claims, i.e. in principle no longer than 3 years from the occurrence of the event giving rise to the claim.
  1. Transfer of personal data to other recipients

Data may be transferred to the following recipients:

  1. entities processing personal data on behalf of Studio4U Piotr Piechota, including but not limited to:
  • entities providing IT support services regarding IT systems or tools used for processing personal data or similar services,

These types of entities do not decide for themselves how to process your personal data. Processing of personal data by them takes place only to the extent that it is necessary for the operation of Studio4U Piotr Piechota and will not go beyond the scope of the objectives indicated in point 4. Studio4U Piotr Piechota has the right to carry out control activities.

  1. b) other personal data controllers, such as:
  • courier or postal service providers,
  • entities conducting consultancy activities, law firms,
  • other Contractors or subcontractors involved in the performance of the contract
  1. c) other entities within the given Counterparty or subcontractor.

Data transfer outside the European Economic Area

Your personal data will not be transferred outside the European Economic Area.

  1. The rights of the Contractor and their use


Everyone has the right to access their personal data processed by Studio4U Piotr Piechota. If you believe that any information about your person is incorrect or incomplete, please submit a request for rectification as described in Section 6.2 below. Studio4U Piotr Piechota they shall correct such information immediately.

In addition, you have the right to:

  1. withdraw your consent if Studio4U Piotr Piechota they will obtain such consent for the processing of personal data (provided that such withdrawal does not violate the lawfulness of data processing carried out prior to withdrawal);
  2. request removal of your personal data in cases specified by the provisions of the GDPR;
  3. request to limit the processing of your personal data in cases specified by the provisions of the GDPR;
  4. objecting - for reasons related to your particular situation - to the processing of your personal data, if such processing is carried out for the purpose of pursuing the public interest or legitimate interests of Studio4U Piotr Piechota or a third party;
  5. data transfer.

Studio4U Piotr Piechota will verify your requests, requests or objections in accordance with applicable data protection laws. However, it should be remembered that these rights are not absolute; regulations provide for exceptions to their application.

In response to your request, Studio4U Piotr Piechota may ask you to verify your identity or provide information that will help Studio4U Piotr Piechota better understand the situation. Studio4U Piotr Piechota will endeavor to explain your decision to you if your requests are not met.

Exercise of your rights

To exercise the above rights, please send an e-mail message to the following address: or send a written application to the correspondence address, i.e. Studio4U Piotr Piechota, ul. 11 Listopada 99, 32-440 Sułkowice with the note - "Data protection - contractors".

If you become aware of unlawful processing by Studio4U Piotr Piechota Of your personal data, you have the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority competent in matters of personal data protection, i.e. the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.

In order to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of personal data, we may periodically ask you to check and confirm the personal data we hold about you or to inform us of any changes regarding this personal data (such as changing your email address).

We encourage you to regularly check the correctness, timeliness and completeness of personal data processed.