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The upcoming interior design season promises to be very interesting. While until now mainly minimalism reigned, now they enter the salons patterned upholstery fabrics, jacquard products with beautiful patterns inspired by nature, as well as velvet Velvet fabric. Our specialists from Fabric World suggest which products are worth paying special attention to. Create an interior inspired by the latest trends! We invite you to read.

Patterned Aster upholstery fabric

Perfectly fits both interiors arranged in classic as well as modern style. Aster is a unique traditional material woven on looms using carefully selected yarn and the latest technologies. This original fabric with patterns is perfect not only for making upholstery. It can also be used for curtains, thus adding elegance and nobility to the room. Aster decorative material offered by ours online store with fabrics stands out:

• exceptional softness,
• durability,
• and endurance.

It is also easy to clean, and thanks to its very good abrasion resistance - it looks beautiful for a long time.

Flower jacquard decorative material

Patterned fabric Flower is another offer available in the assortment of our online warehouse. It was produced in jacquard technology. Until recently, the most popular were single-colored jacquards. However, there are many indications that richly decorated materials will lead the current interior design season!
What is the biggest advantage of this type of fabric?

They are:

• extremely pleasant to the touch,
• resistant to sudden temperature changes,
• and hypoallergenic.

Therefore, they can be successfully used to create pillows or other dedicated textiles - even for the youngest children. The Flower jacquard decorative material, which we offer in the Fabric World online store, is characterized by high quality and a subtle floral pattern. It works great not only on pillowcases, but also on entire furniture. Its purpose is mainly to decorate, so it is great for bedspreads, tablecloths, curtains.
Gloss Velvet fabric with a cashmere-like structure
The velvet, distinguished by its delicate gloss, is an ideal proposition for people who value splendor and aristocratic elegance. Until recently, it was an inseparable element of stylized interiors. Nowadays, however, it can be encountered more and more often in rooms decorated in glamor, industrial, retro and even Scandinavian style. He also fits well in rooms that reflect French chic.
Extremely effective Gloss Velvet fabric will give the interior a refined character, enveloping it with luxury and dignity. This material is made of warp and two threads. His appearance is very often compared to velvet or velor. Velvet is perfect especially as upholstery fabric, but there is nothing to prevent it from being used to decorate the window or to sew comfortable and pleasant to touch pillows. The product that we offer in our store:

• is durable,
• easy to clean,
• has an antibacterial certificate.


The era of simplicity in interiors is slowly coming to an end. In 2020, fabrics oriented on original patterns, saturated colors and fashionable glow will reign. Materials inspired by nature, especially floral and animal motifs, will not lose their significance. Interesting proposals include a velvet that draws attention with a delicate sheen reminiscent of precious stones. We offer all these fashionable suggestions at the Fabric World online decorative fabric wholesaler. By choosing one of the above products, you can be sure that you will emphasize the unique character of the interior. Are you ready to decorate your apartment in line with the latest trends?