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Cabello 18 upholstery fabric

Spring and winter are seasons in which we can afford small changes in our interiors. It is therefore worth changing the appearance of our armchairs, chairs and furniture. For this, you can use the Cabello 18 . It is a violet fabric that will look great in any room.

What style will the Cabello 18 fabric suit?

Due to the fact that it is a purple color, the Cabello 18 upholstered fabric will definitely match the Scandinavian and English styles. You can also use Cabello 18 for a modern style that likes to combine different colors. Cabello 18 furniture fabric is also a great idea to refresh your furniture in the living room or bedroom. Thanks to this, we will have a unique color in our interiors, and at the same time we will keep our favorite furniture.

The Cabello 18 upholstery fabric will not only be a good protection for our furniture, but above all it will give them an amazing and completely changed look, which we will be able to show off to family members and guests.

Fabric width 140cm +-3cm

1pc = 0.5mb

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Additional information


100% PES




125,000 Martindale cycles

Tendency to pilling and peeling


Color fastness to light


REACH Standard


Fabric width:

140cm +-2cm


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