Very soft to the touch!

Cabello upholstery fabric 9

When arranging your apartment, it is worth reaching for upholstery fabric . Thanks to it, you can not only cover chairs and sofas, but you can also use it for curtains.

Get to know the Cabello 9 upholstery fabric better

 the Cabello 9 furniture fabric may resemble both mustard and dark orange. It can also, depending on the light, fall into a honey color tone. It is characterized by the fact that it is very durable, thanks to which our furniture, which will be upholstered with Cabello 9, will certainly be well protected. Perfect for any room in your home. Thanks to the fact that it is durable, it can also be resistant to scratches and scratches, for example from cat claws. It is soft and pleasant to the touch, so resting on it will be a pleasure. The Cabello 9 upholstery fabric is also distinguished by the fact that it is very easy to clean. It is enough to run a dry cloth over the place of stain or dirt to get rid of impurities.

Cabello 9 upholstery fabric will perfectly match with its color to a children's room or kitchen. It will bring life to a given room through its color.

Fabric width 140cm +-3cm

1pc = 0.5mb

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Additional information


100% PES




125,000 Martindale cycles

Tendency to pilling and peeling


Color fastness to light


REACH Standard


Fabric width:

140cm +-2cm


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