Woven fabric, each thread has its own color - it will not fade like the print!


Extremely durable! I'm great for furniture


User-friendly - machine washable!

Decorative pillow 307 POSTCARDS

A decorative pillow with postcards will perfectly enliven your rooms. It will be perfect in the living room, dining room or in the children's room. It is the best decorative pillow to have summer all year round. The 50×50 pillow will be perfect for taking a quick nap during the day, or you can easily sleep on it all night. This unique decorative pillow with colorful postcards and flowers will go great with any style you have at home. Beautiful flowers will enliven any room and it is also worth adding that flowers are timeless, so you do not have to change decorations for a long time.

A pillow with a unique pattern can also be a great gift idea for your loved ones. The fancy pillowcase is designed so that it can be easily washed. You should also remember that our pillows are woven densely, so you can be sure that the pattern will not be damaged even after ironing. In addition, the fabric from which the pillow is made is very soft and pleasant to the touch.

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Additional information


60% PES, 35% COT, 5% PAC




125,000 Martindale cycles

Tendency to pilling and peeling


Color fastness to light


REACH Standard


Cleaning method:

can be washed at 30 degrees Can be ironed on 1 st .: YES

A pillow or just a pillowcase

Complete pillow, Just the pillowcase

Cushion dimensions:

45x45cm +-2cm


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