Creating materials from polyester fibers allows you to give them any texture, thanks to the appropriate composition of the weft and warp. This is also the case for Velvet fabrics. The structure reminiscent of silk, cashmere or velvet, looks extremely refined and perfectly complements stylized, eclectic and glamorous interiors. This material is perfect as a raw material for curtains, bedspreads and pillow covers. Also suitable as upholstery fabrics. To change the appearance of the bedroom or living room and give them a decorative character, it is worth reaching for one of the Velvet fabrics from the offer. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the range of materials curtain and those intended for upholstery of upholstered furniture!

Velvet curtain fabric - the perfect decoration for any window or terrace door

Undoubtedly, window arrangement is needed when you do not want to use external blinds. However, in addition to the practical function, the use of curtains has primarily a decorative value. Velvet curtain fabric is perfect for covering windows and terrace doors. You can choose, for example, Palmas fabric, which has a slightly ribbed structure. Thanks to this, it adds originality to every interior. Gloss Velvet will undoubtedly shine in the rays of the sun coming in from the neighboring window. It is worth noting that each curtain fabric from the following offer is available in a full color palette, which allows it to be perfectly matched to the selected arrangement, wall colors or equipment. For stylized interiors, in addition to a smooth texture, you can also choose from our offer a scroll with a flower pattern, which will work not only as a curtain, but also a bedspread.

Velvet - upholstery fabric for renovation of old and upholstery of new furniture

When the lounge furniture is already worn out, it is necessary to choose upholstery fabric that can look like new. Velvet fabrics offered by ours are perfect online store / wholesaler with decorative fabrics, upholstery, curtains and materials for pillows. A great choice for those stylized will be French Velvet. The fabric with a smooth, cashmere-like structure can become an upholstery material that allows you to renew a pouf, chaise lounge or sofa in the Louis style. For both upholstery of new and old furniture, we also recommend Mustang and Fuego fabrics. Both have a hydrophobic coating, thanks to which all impurities can be easily removed, and at the same time have an exclusive finish with a slight gloss. Therefore, they meet modern needs, combining practical technological solutions, good strength parameters with excellent design. Velvet is a upholstery fabric that will also fit into minimalist interiors, giving them a hint of luxurious finish.

The colors visible on the monitor screen may slightly differ from the original colors of the fabrics due to the different types of monitors and their calibration.

Velvet fabric in quilted and smooth version

The store's assortment includes fabrics in two versions. The first of them - smooth - works as a upholstery fabric for simpler furniture, designed for modern interiors. Smooth velvet looks beautiful in a variety of lighting conditions, adding style to renewed sofas, armchairs and chairs. Its durability and ease of cleaning mean that the chosen piece of furniture will retain its effective appearance for many years. This will determine the luxurious nature of the living room or bedroom.

Smooth fabric is also an ideal choice for elegant rooms where you want to arrange the window in an interesting way. Fancy curtains made of such material will be an original decoration, reflecting the good taste of the owner of the apartment.

Quilted velvet, in turn, is an offer for lovers of sublime glamor. The fabric in this version looks beautiful on the basis of a chaise longue, upholstered headboard of the bed or the seat of a stylized sofa. Quilting alone determines the decorative value of a renovated furniture. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of Velvet type fabrics. Welcome to our online store!