Estrella upholstery material

  • Estrella 1

    16,99 PLN
  • Estrella 1A

    16,99 PLN
  • Estrella 2

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  • Estrella 2A

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  • Estrella 3

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  • Estrella 3A

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  • Estrella 4

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  • Estrella 4A

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  • Estrella 5

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  • Estrella 5A

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  • Estrella 6

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  • Estrella 6A

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  • Estrella 7A

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  • Estrella 8A

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When we think about changing the arrangement in our rooms or garden, it is good to decide first on the Estrella upholstery fabric, which will change the appearance of our furniture, not only at home, but also in the garden. Thanks to this, we are also both economical and ecological, because we do not throw away used furniture or pillows, but we try to give them a new life using beautiful Estrella fabrics.

What kind of furniture can Estrella upholstery fabric be used for?

Our Estrella upholstery fabric is very versatile, so you can use it for virtually all furniture we have at home or in the garden. Your favorite sofa, sofa or chair upholstered in this fabric will look very good. It is also worth remembering that this fabric can also be used to cover pillows. That is why they are great materials for garden cushions. Thanks to this fabric, we can have beautiful and colorful furniture at home or in the garden. Furniture covered with this fabric in the bedroom, living room or in the children's room or even in the kitchen will also look great.

What are the available colors of Estrella furniture fabric?

Thanks to the fact that the Estrella furniture fabric has a wide selection of patterns and colors, it can be easily matched to the arrangement we have in our home. Among others, the following patterns and colors of the Estrella fabric are available :

  • violet,
  • yellow-green
  • red,
  • pink,
  • blue,
  • grey-blue,
  • brown - gray,

Some fabric models also have additional patterns that look like geometric flowers or snowflakes, depending on what angle you look at. The pattern itself on the fabrics is white with dark elements. Due to the fact that there are so many designs to choose from, everyone will find the perfect shade tailored to their needs.

Should you choose a plain or patterned fabric?

Due to the fact that the Estrella upholstery fabric is available in both a smooth and patterned version, it is worth considering what model we want to have on our furniture. When we want to enliven a room and add character to it, a patterned fabric will be perfect for this. It is also worth using this fabric for garden furniture. On the other hand, the material on the sofa in the living room can be both patterned and plain. You can also opt for a mixed material and choose half of both models. There is complete freedom of choice here, but everything depends only on our imagination. That is why both smooth fabric and patterned material are a great choice for our furniture and pillows.

What makes Estrella furniture fabric stand out?

First of all , the Estrella fabric is distinguished by the fact that it is very durable and solidly made. This strong upholstery material is also suitable for a home where you have pets, such as cats or dogs, who like to stretch their claws on the sofa, couch or chairs. It is also worth noting that this type of fabric is very soft and pleasant to the touch, so you can rest freely on it. It should also be remembered that it does not contain any substances that can sensitize or irritate the skin, so children can also use this fabric.

Is it worth choosing Estrella fabric to cover garden furniture?

If we want our garden furniture and cushions to last in perfect condition for the next seasons, then covering them with Estrella fabric is an excellent choice. In addition to the fact that there is a huge selection of colors that will make our garden furniture or cushions look beautiful on our terrace or in the garden, they will also be well protected against weather conditions. If we decide to cover chairs, armchairs or pillows with Estrella fabric , we can be sure that they will be resistant to sunlight, rain or snow. Thanks to this, we will also be sure that the color will not fade in the sun and every season we will have beautiful furniture ready to relax.

What can help in choosing the right fabric color?

When we are not sure what color of fabric to choose, the best solution is to order . Thanks to this, we will be able to compare what color or pattern of this fabric will be the best for a given piece of furniture. It is also a very good choice when we want to cover our pillows. We can then decide to combine different colors to make the pillow colorful and bring life to the interior or garden. It is also worth noting that the pattern book has as many as sixteen colors, which gives us great opportunities to choose the right color for our furniture.

Remember to measure furniture and pillows correctly

Before ordering the material, it is good to measure the given sofa, couch, chairs or pillows. Thanks to this, we will know how many meters of such fabric we need to cover the furniture with it. You should also remember to measure all the places on the sofa or chairs that you want to cover. It is also worth ordering more material, which can then be used to cover other furniture or pillows, which, when changing the room, we will suddenly want to change as well.

Can Estrella furniture fabric be easily cleaned?

We make sure that each of our customers can have well-maintained furniture and pillows, which is why the Estrella fabric can be washed and ironed. In addition, if the sofa or pillow gets dirty, you can also use ordinary furniture cleaners without any problems. You can also clean with a simple sponge with warm water and a little liquid or soap. Thanks to this, we will be able to ensure that our furniture and pillows look great all the time, even after several seasons of use. It is also worth remembering that this type of fabric can be washed safely in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

What parameters should a good furniture fabric have?

When we want our fabric to be strong, durable and solid, it must meet several basic parameters. Therefore, when choosing an Estrella upholstery fabric, we can be sure that it meets all the standards that make the material stick to furniture and pillows for a long time. First of all, these are new materials that are created individually for the needs of customers. Thanks to this, the material can last for many years of use. In addition, the Estrella fabric is also resistant to sunlight, which means that it can be used for garden furniture or cushions. It is also worth noting that this fabric is made in such a way that the pattern and color do not fade, and the material does not spread even after several washes. Very important information is also that it does not contain any substances that can sensitize the skin.

Can this fabric also cover chairs in the garden and at home?

Most often, when we want to make changes in our rooms, we completely change the appearance of the sofa, couch or pillows or quilts. It is worth noting, however, that the Estrella upholstery fabric , which is available in various colors, can also be used to cover chairs. This upholstery material for chairs will be perfect both inside the house and in the garden. Thanks to this, we will be able to use this fabric for various types of chairs that we have at home or in the garden. It is also a very good material to relax comfortably in the garden and enjoy the beautiful view of flowers. In addition to the color of the fabric we choose for the chairs, you can also choose the same colors for the upholstery of garden cushions to keep everything in one tone or you can also bet on contrast. Estrella furniture fabric is a great choice when we want our furniture and pillows to serve us for years to come. Thanks to this fabric, we can also save on buying new furniture, which would be much more expensive than upholstering it. In addition, we can also choose the color of the fabric and furniture that suits us best and fits the whole arrangement and style that prevails in our home. Thanks to the Estrella upholstery fabric, we will have a fashionable and colorful interior.