Is jacquard called tapestry a paradise for an upholsterer? Eden in your home

  • Eden 8100

    39,60 PLN
  • Eden 8102

    22,90 PLN
  • Eden 8104

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  • Eden 8105

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  • Eden 8106

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  • Eden 8107

  • Eden 8109

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  • Eden 8110

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  • Eden 8111

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  • Eden 8112

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The Eden collection is a fabric that is based in particular on the beauty of flowers. It is a colorful collection that will enliven any room in which it is placed. The flowers that are present on each of the patterns in the Eden make you feel their scent and move to a meadow full of flowers on a warm summer day. Thanks to the fact that the Eden collection has such colorful flowers, we can have spring and summer in our room at any time of the year. Flowers have a calming effect, which is undoubtedly also useful during sleep. The Eden collection great in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or even in the children's room. The Eden collection will complement the English style, but also Provencal or even modern. Every flora lover will find in the Eden collection their favorite floral pattern, which they will admire every day in their home. It is also worth noting that the jacquard fabric from which the Eden collection is made is a durable and solid, and at the same time pleasant and pleasant to the touch material. Thanks to this, you will be able to relax comfortably among the flowers in the living room or in the bedroom.

When you are looking for a unique fabric with beautiful and colorful flowers, the Eden collection is made for you. Its great and refined designs will perfectly match your living room, bedroom or even a children's room. , the Eden jacquard fabric also be used to make beautiful curtains or cover pillows. It is also worth adding that, among others, in the Eden you can find such patterns as:

  • Roses,
  • field flowers,
  • jungles
  • peonies.

Thanks to such a large selection, you can find the perfect pattern that meets our requirements. When we decide on the Eden , our house will be filled with flowers that will remind us of the beauty of spring and summer at any time of the year, when these very colorful flowers bloom. It should also be remembered that the Eden collection , due to the fact that it has such colorful flowers in its patterns, is timeless and will fit perfectly into any room. An undoubted advantage of the Eden collection is also the material from which it was made. The Eden jacquard fabric is very strong and durable, so the material does not deteriorate and is scratch-resistant. Choosing the Eden for your home is the perfect solution that will enliven your rooms.

Noteworthy are also compositions from the Eden family.

These are patterns in which plants play a special role. Due to the large number of colors introduced here, the most important motif is, of course, flowers. Often, however, they are arranged in specific, and at the same time very orderly patterns that are the perfect addition to any arrangement.

A collection mainly with motifs of flowers and plants that can boldly create a beautiful garden in your home.

Perfect for interiors in the English style. It will also work as a complement to a feminine, romantic decor ... The eden jacquard fabric is a beautiful proposition for furniture and decorative material. You can use it to cover your favorite sofa, a comfortable chair or a deep armchair. From smaller fragments, it is worth sewing pillowcases for decorative pillows. These types of fabrics are durable , elegant and perfectly emphasize the character of each room. We encourage you to buy - wholesale and fabric store is online.