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Changing the appearance of your furniture both in the garden and at home is very important. Therefore, it is good to use different colors and fabrics that will be durable and resistant to various external factors. That is why it is good to bet on Sand upholstery fabric.

Why is it worth to bet on Sand upholstery fabric?

Sand furniture fabric can be used on the entire furniture, thanks to which they will look perfect whether in the garden or indoors. The undoubted advantage of this fabric is that there are different colors available and everyone can choose the color that suits him best. Among other things, there are available colors that resemble:

  • sand of amber color with different shades,
  • sand in the color of the desert setting sun,
  • violet-yellow and orange combination in one fabric,
  • azure sea,
  • a hint of gray with azure blue.

Thanks to the fact that these are such unusual colors, you can have furniture in unique colors. It is also worth adding that this Sand upholstery material is resistant to scratches and scratches, so you can have animals such as cats or dogs at home, which can often scratch against furniture with their claws. Another advantage is that this fabric can also be used on outdoor furniture.

For what furniture can you use the upholstery fabric Sand?

First of all, this fabric is distinguished by the fact that it can be used for virtually all furniture. It is an ideal upholstery material for chairs, sofas or sofas. It is also worth adding that this fabric can also be used to make pillows. These are great materials for garden pillows, which means that we can have colorful decorations also in the garden and at home. The colorful Sand fabric can also cover beds in the bedroom or in the children’s room. It can also be freely used to upholster chairs in the dining room or in the kitchen.

What distinguishes this fabric?

Sand upholstery fabric , in addition to having unusual colors to choose from, is also a very strong and durable material. That is why this strong upholstery material is so popular with our customers. It is also worth adding that our Sand fabric does not contain any sharp elements that could damage the skin, so it can also be used by children. The smooth upholstery fabric makes it very safe and can be used both for a pillow and upholstery material for a sofa or sofa. It is also a very nice and pleasant to the touch material, which means that rest on the couch, which is upholstered with this material, will be a pleasure. It is also a very durable fabric, thanks to which it can be used without any damage for many years. It is also a fashionable material. Sand upholstery fabric is very thickly woven, which makes it so durable and solidly finished.

How can you decide on the right color of Sand upholstery fabric?

If we do not know what color will perfectly match our furniture or garden cushions, it is good to use the stencil. Our template has all the colors, so you can easily choose the right color for the sofa, sofa or chairs. There are as many as six colors in the template, which will make it easier for our customers to choose the right one. Thanks to the fact that there are so many colors to choose from, you can also bet on colorful furniture and choose a different shade for each room. You can also opt for different colorful materials for the garden, which will make our garden furniture stand out from other gardens.

Also remember about the right amount of Sand fabric

It is good to measure the furniture that we want to cover with fabric in advance, because thanks to this we will be sure that the fabric will be enough for all elements. It is good to order even a bit more material, because it may always turn out that during the upholstery we will also decide to cover an additional chair or sofa or poufs. Thanks to the fact that we will have well-measured materials, we will not run out of fabric to upholster our furniture. Therefore, it is necessary to measure not only the length and breadth of the furniture, but also those elements of the chair or sofa, which we also want them to be upholstered.

Smooth upholstery fabric Sand is very popular

The undoubted advantage of the Sand upholstery fabric is also the fact that it is smooth. Thanks to the fact that it is without any protruding elements, it can also be used in a house where there are also small children. It is a very safe fabric, which is what makes it so popular. Due to the fact that the fabric is so smooth, it can be easily adapted to other textiles and furniture that we have at home. This material can also suit the different styles we have in our home. Therefore, it can be easily adapted to styles such as: minimalist, English, Scandinavian or modern. This fabric is universal in use, which gives the possibility that it can be upholstered in various parts and elements of our furniture.

What parameters should a good upholstery fabric have?

Grammage is one of the basic information that should be taken into account when choosing upholstery fabric. That’s why our Sand fabric is 5/5 gritten. It is also worth noting that the strength of our fabric is 5/5. It is also worth noting that the color resistance to light is 6. Thanks to this, our Sand upholstery fabric stands out from other materials that are available on the market. An undoubted advantage of the fabric is also the fact that it can be freely washed in a washing machine. When we want to keep the fabric in good condition, it is good to wash it at a temperature of thirty degrees. The upholstery fabric is brand new, made straight to individual orders, thanks to which we are sure that no one has used the fabric before us, which only strengthens its durability.

Can Sand upholstery fabric be easily cleaned?

We make sure that our customers can easily and quickly clean the Sand upholstery fabric. In addition to the fact that you can freely wash in the washing machine and iron our fabric, it can also be easily cleaned with a regular, moistened cloth when the need arises. This is undoubtedly a huge advantage of this material.

What to consider when choosing the right color of Sand fabric?

Due to the fact that our Sand upholstery material has a lot of different colors, it is good to think about what shades we want to have in our room. You can bet on one color, which with its color resembles sand in the color of the desert, setting sun, or on the sand of the desert in amber color with different shades. However, when we are closer to the sea, it is worth betting on colors that resemble the azure blue sea with their texture. It is good to think about whether we want to have one shade of color in one room, or whether we want to have a colorful room. Therefore, it is good to order a Sand stencil in advance, which will help us in this difficult decision. It is also worth remembering that you can easily bet on colorful colors that will beautifully decorate our garden. You can make such colors that the chairs will be combined in the colors of sand and sea. When choosing the right color of the Sand upholstery fabric, you can also be guided by fashion and popularity, which will make our rooms will not need any changes for a long time.

Sand upholstery material is therefore an ideal choice that can liven up any room in your home, but it can also liven up your garden. Thanks to the fact that it is such a versatile fabric that can be used for various furniture, you can easily cover your favorite sofas, sofas or garden chairs with it. You can not forget about the pillows, which are often placed on garden chairs. That is why it is good to order our Sand upholstery fabric also for garden pillows. Such upholstered garden cushions can also be used for a seat, by the fireplace or put in rocking chairs, which will make us have a comfortable seat. The material that we will use to upholster our furniture will easily withstand use for several seasons and thanks to this we will also have fashionable and colorful furniture and pillows.