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Are you in the process of furnishing your home or apartment? Are you looking for original ideas to create effective window decorations? If you're wondering what curtain fabrics to choose for your interior, you're in the right place. In this post, we advise what to consider when buying materials for curtains and present some interesting suggestions. We invite you to read.

Curtain fabric - how to find the perfect one?

The window decor is an extremely important element of the arrangement of any room. Therefore, the material you choose for sewing curtains must meet certain requirements. It should definitely be adapted to the nature of the space. Skillfully selected will allow you to optically change the proportions of the apartment. Massive and heavy fabrics will make the interior appear shorter and smaller than it really is. In turn, those lighter and more delicate will make the room perceived as larger and more spacious. In addition, pay attention to the color scheme of the material you choose. In interiors kept in light, subdued colors neutral shades will work best. Those in more vivid colors can be used to highlight a modern interior.

Decorative curtain fabrics differ from each other in many features, including primarily:

• weave,
• thickness,
• light transmittance,
• crease resistance,
• way of laying.

The material for curtains should be thick enough not to let in sunlight. It is also important that it is durable and easy to care for, and that it does not fade or crease.

Jacquard, tulle, taffeta ... what to choose?

When buying fabric for curtains, it's important to keep in mind not only the color or weight. Its quality is also very important. Trashy will not look good on the window, spoiling the whole arrangement. In our wholesalers of decorative fabrics you will find only high-quality products that arrange well and are perfect for curtains. Below we present some interesting proposals that will give your interior a unique character.

French Velvet

The undisputed number one among the materials for curtains are velvet fabrics. Although they are quite heavy, they are perfect for both classic and modern rooms, beautifully harmonizing with elegant furniture. You can sew exclusive curtains for the bedroom or the living room using a delicate and soft structure velvet. In the offer of our online store you will find a velvet French Velvet collection that will make your apartment have a unique arrangement element, native of Versailles.

Jamaica, Peru, Malawi

If you are interested in the original patterned curtain fabric, your attention will definitely be drawn by jacquard materials from the Jamaica, Peru and Malawi lines. Inspired by the colors of the Caribbean islands, they will enliven the space. Each of them is durable and at the same time delicate to the touch, giving the interior a unique character. Jacquard technology guarantees long-term durability and high abrasion resistance.


Another notable proposal are decorative fabrics from the Aster collection. They are materials traditionally woven on looms, but using modern yarn. Their advantage is incredible softness, above average durability and ease of cleaning. That is why they are great for intensive use. Due to the fact that they are light and do not attract dust, they work well, e.g. in a children's room.


Impressive curtains can be sewn completely independently according to individual design. By choosing curtain fabrics from our online warehouse, you can be sure that only the highest quality materials will reach your hands. Thanks to this, the created accessories will not only be practical and durable, but also extremely decorative, beautifully presented on the window.


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