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  • Sklep internetowy z tkaninami, hurtownia: dekoracyjne, zasłonowe, obiciowe, materiały na poduszki.

       If you want to change the look of your apartment, it's nothing simpler. The choice of decorative, curtain and upholstery fabrics in our online store will allow you to create a completely new style or complement the one in which the interior is decorated.

       New curtains or furniture upholstery will create a dream design. Fammed fabrics, imitating leather or patterned upholstery and decorative woven fabrics – in the warehouse you will find everything you need for arrangements in Scandinavian, glamorous or minimalist style. The colors can be matched to the interior finish, because in the online store there is a wide range of colors of each type of textiles. Among the patterned fabrics you can find, for example:


Our offer is addressed to both individual customers and companies involved in the production of upholstered furniture.


Premium treading

Mariposa 8000

Woven images


Mont premium pillows


Faciful fabric factory – pillows ideal for the relaxation area

Small buttercups in appropriate covers can change the look of an old sofa bed or complement the design of a modern and minimalist one. Jacquard fabrics for decorative pillows from the offer of our fabric store will fit perfectly into any arrangement. They will complement the one in the boho style, where fabrics with printed leaves will work perfectly. Floral patterns on fabrics will emphasize the Provencal style of the interior, creating a romantic atmosphere. In the assortment of wholesalers there is also no shortage of decorative textiles with animal motifs. Of course, they will work great in a colonial living room, but they will also be an excellent choice for a child's room. Jacquard material is extremely durable and resistant to damage and abrasion, which is why it is suitable for intensive use. You can also choose ready-made pillows with an insert, both with a smooth texture and patterned.

Inline fabric factory – curtain fabric and refurbished furniture

If the furniture is already worn out, mainly due to worn upholstery, you do not need to throw it away. Our online wholesaler offers upholstery fabrics that can be easily matched to other leisure furniture. You can also change the appearance of the whole set at a small cost. When looking for upholstery materials resistant to dirt, it is worth choosing the collection leather-like woven fabric. Interesting are those with suede or facing structure. However, if such a design does not suit your preferences, then the assortment in our online store is much richer. In this way, you can complement the aesthetics of the interior and protect against abrasion also new, more susceptible to damage upholstery furniture. For lovers of both traditional and modern arrangements, we recommend our curtain fabrics, which will perfectly decorate terrace doors, as well as windows. Textile stores do not always offer organic products, and with us you have such a guarantee.

The online fabric wholesaler contains fabric sections...

The online fabric factory has been divided into fabric sections to help you find the right upholstery fabric, decorative fabric, curtain fabric and decorative pillows.

Decorative pillows: ready-made pillows with insert. Just buy and use.

Decorative fabrics: fabrics for pillows and accessories. Beautiful fabrics, high quality fabrics with beautiful motifs.

Patterned fabrics: furniture fabrics, curtain fabrics, pillow fabrics. Upholstery fabrics with interesting, unique designs. Patterned fabrics can serve as an addition to the furniture, but you can successfully compose the entire furniture in a patterned fabric.

Stylelet fabrics: fabrics with a uniform structure, beautiful colors of fabrics are a reflection of current trends. Coordinate fabrics are smooth fabrics that fit and complement patterned fabrics. Furniture made of smooth fabrics is now very fashionable and fits into most interiors.

Eek leather: a furniture fabric called eco-leather is a fabric with a coating of PU, PVC, etc. Skaj, eco leather, are other names for the same upholstery material. Usually in appearance it resembles animal skin, however, it differs in the richness of textures and colors.


Decorative fabrics


In this category you will find unusual decorative fabrics. Our a web shop/wholesaler of decorative, upholstery, curtain and pillow fabrics offers jacquard materials with beautiful designs inspired by nature. Images of animals, plants or beautiful views in the hands of a creative person guarantee a lot of applications! The product will successfully work as a decorative or upholstery fabric. The special technology in which the fabric was made means that even with a very large format, you can count on smooth contours and expressive small elements.

Premium Wavennin 

Beautiful jacquard FABRICS, with images of animals, plants or beautiful views.

Imagine the enormity of the uses for this fabric.

They are beautiful, unique and wonderful!

Monimon category are patterned decorative materials that will appeal especially to creative and creative people. The fabric was made in jacquard technology. This guarantees high detail and fluidity of the designs. These features are desirable especially with a beautiful floral design composed of contemporary colors, which is offered by our internetshop/wholesale with decorative, upholstery, curtain fabrics. This upholstery fabric from the offer of fabric World online wholesalers works great both on the entire furniture and on the pillows themselves.



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