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Why will our pillows change your interior?

Nate pillows are a small element of room décor that can radically change their appearance. Not only do they fulfill a decorative function, but also turn out to be quite a useful and functional element. After all, each of us loves to sit comfortably on a sofa lined with a lot of soft pillows. Decorative pillows available in our offer are available in many variants. Among them, we distinguish those with a floral, animal, patterned motif, as well as Christmas pillows. People who like classics will find in our assortment smooth pillowcases in many colors. Before buying a suitable decorative pillow, it is worth thinking about several aspects, so that the pillows fit into the interior and meet individual aesthetic needs.

Invite decorative pillows!

As established above, decorative pillows are primarily nice, comfortable and useful. It is worth knowing that their greatest asset is the huge diversity. Decorative pillowcases come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. These can be classic squares, rectangles, circles and triangles, and not infrequently other unusual forms, they are often so fancy that they change the décor of the entire interior and are the proverbial stylistic dot over the i. After all, the devil is in the details. And it is they who give an individual climate to our apartments. As with shapes, it is also with colors, patterns or material. We can bet on pillowcases made of cotton, satin or nice velvet. Gray, beige, pink and those in cheerful, occasional patterns. A difficult choice? There are so many of them in our offer that everyone can easily find the perfect pillow for themselves. We are sure of that!

It is worth noting that a decorative pillow is not expensive. Bearing a symbolic cost, we can within a few moments change our room into a cozy place filled with an idyllic, homely atmosphere. What's more, if you want to change the arrangement, you do not have to spend a lot. It is enough to buy a new pillowcase so that the old sofa regains its former glory. It should also be mentioned that decorative pillows are extremely versatile. They can decorate any of the interiors - living room, bedrooms, children's room or garden, regardless of the style that prevails in a given room.

Moreover, decorative pillows are the most common determinant of current trends. If you want your room to follow the interior design fashion, follow our offer, where you will always find the spirit of current and upcoming hits.

Who pillow to be tempted by?

The first determinant is the appearance - we must like the pillow. Secondly, it should be comfortable and made of the best quality fabrics. It is important that they are easy to keep clean, pleasant to the touch, durable and safe for our skin. You can choose a pillowcase made of wool, cotton, linen, velor and the most resistant to damage polyester. When buying the pillow itself, it is worth paying attention to its shape, filling, type of fastening and quality of finish. In order to make the best use of the advantages of decorative pillowcases, it is necessary to adjust their pattern and color to the climate prevailing in the room. If you want your pillows to perfectly emphasize the interior of your apartment and exude luxury and good quality, take a look at our collection of decorative pillows.

When does the pillow perform its basic function?

The basic function of the pillow - decorative - is preserved when the decorative pillow changes the appearance of the interior. Often, pillowcases are selected in color to the already existing tones in a given room or, on the contrary, their color breaks the dominant riot of colors. For rooms in a classic or modern style, where the main color is whitened beige or pure white, choose colorful and patterned pillowcases. Let us draw your attention to the GEO cushion, which thanks to its geometric motif will stand out against the background of bright, uniform walls and accessories. Geometric patterns kept in warm colors are chic and will also effectively decorate rooms where black or graphite prevails. Smooth pillowcases, in the style of Wel pillowcases will look beautiful in multi-colored rooms, emphasizing their uniqueness. However, the choice of patterns and colors does not always have to be obvious. Decorative pillows can be an interesting accent, completely different from what prevails around it and breaking all accepted conventions. And so, a pillow in geometric patterns can be used in stylish, colorful rooms to give them even more originality, and the subdued, powder pink colored, decorate a beige sofa to emphasize its delicate charm. It should be remembered that everything depends on our imagination and individual style. Don't want to focus on colors? Bet on the material. Some of them are more suited to a secluded bedroom room, and others to an exclusive, modern living room.

Decorative pillows have a soul

Dom. It is in him that we feel the best. Everyone else, but equally adored by its inhabitants. Everyone with their own, sometimes romantic or slightly crazy soul. It depends on us how our apartments will look like and what additions we decide on. In recent years, the most frequently chosen styles in which we arrange apartments are Scandinavian, boho and glamour styles. These styles combine bright, whitened colors and accessories in a romantic atmosphere. Pillows with floral motifs find themselves in them perfectly. Beautiful, light applications of roses or wildflowers do not have to decorate the rooms only during the summer. They fit perfectly into the fashionable boho style, emphasizing its frivolity even more. Do you focus on glamour style? Apartments in this character, imbued with splendor, elegance and tinsel, have the soul of a real American star. Emphasize their style with velvet pillows that will stay in them permanently. Scandinavian style, with bright, large spaces and wooden accessories decorate with geometric pillowcases. Pillows with an animal motif will also work here. The Scandinavian style is characterized by natural colors in shades of brown, beige and white. Pillows with animal motifs, which are available in our offer, perfectly harmonize with the colors of the earth.

You have fun with a decorative pillow for years!

In addition to pillow maintenance. On the label or packaging of each product there is an instruction on how to take care of the pillow so that it will serve us for many years. It is important to pay special attention to the instructions for washing, drying, spinning and ironing. Sometimes the pillow or pillowcase should be given for dry cleaning. It is important that by following the manufacturer's recommendations, we will certainly extend the life of our pillow. When choosing decorative pillows, it is worth taking into account the fact of removing the pillowcases. If there is such a possibility, it gives us more freedom in the arrangement. This option will allow you to change the pillowcase, for example, during the holiday season.

In addition to high-quality fabrics, a wide selection of elegant pillows is available in our online wholesale.

The decorative pillows were made entirely in the European Union, mostly in Spain. In their production, only high-quality fabrics are used.

In turn, leading designers watch over the colors and selection of patterns, and the whole is created taking into account the latest design trends.

Our internetshop/wholesaler with decorative, upholstery, curtain and pillow materials weiss products that serve as an exceptionally sophisticated element of décor, making every piece of furniture gain a unique character!