Eco shopping bag? Found!

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Why a shopping bag is so important

We live fast. We shop quickly. At the checkout you need to pack your purchases. We get a disposable plastic bag and after trouble. But are you sure?

A fabric shoulder bag is a good solution.

Already at home, after unpacking your purchases, you realize that the packaging after shopping barely fit in the basket. You look at the receipt and you see that, however, you did not get a shopping bag, only bought it.

Usually it’s a one-time laugh for a few zlotys, because even along the way from shopping will break or break the trunk.

The disposal of rubbish is also becoming more expensive.

We have a solution for that. Solid, cheap, protecting not only the planet, but above all our finances. And fashionable.

Eco bags – eco bags not only in name, but truly saving the environment and money.

Elegant shopping bag. You will use this tapestry bag hundreds of times.

This is a large fabric bag. We guarantee that it will lift as much as you can pack. It certainly won’t break, it won’t break your mind at the least time. A real bag for special tasks. Not only durable, but also pretty, fashionable. Emphasizing you and practical.

Autumnal patches and mud stains? Rubbing against a dirty car in winter? Poured inside the sauce? It doesn’t 🙂Just throw it in the washing machine and after the trouble! Again like new!

Think about how much less rubbish you’ll generate per year, for which you’ll pay less. How much will be left in my wallet for non-purchased plastic bags?

Surely hundreds, maybe even thousands of zlotys! Don’t believe it? Convert 🙂 We did it.

Shopping in today’s world is done practically every day. It is therefore a good idea not to use a different bag every day. That is why it is worth reaching our ecological bag, which can be used several times. What is important, our bags can be washed in a washing machine and thus it can be easily used even when it gets very dirty. Bags have different carrying options. You can choose both a bag on a long shoulder and a short one. Thanks to this, we will be able to adjust the bag to each other so that it fits perfectly to our style. The bags are very strong, so they can carry various heavy purchases. The material from which the bag is made is a tapestry, which is very durable and solid. The bag is finished so that each corner of the bag is well done, which gives us a guarantee that the bag will not unzip while shopping. Fashionable colors and patterns can perfectly match any stylization regardless of what time of year we go shopping.

Reusable shopping bag – you save our environment and your money!