How to reinvent the pillow

As many uses as stars in the sky! Small, handy, versatile, and how cute.

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Triangular decorative pillows with a silicone insert made of tapestry are a unique and attractive addition to the interior. Tapestry is a beautiful and durable material, which makes pillows not only a decoration, but also last longer. The silicone insert guarantees comfort during use, providing adequate support. The cartridges are characterized by high quality and comfort. In addition, the possibility of washing in a washing machine makes keeping the pillows clean easy. It is an ideal choice for people who value beauty, durability and functionality in one product.

A triangular pillow may offer some advantages over a square one, due to its shapely specificity. The final choice depends on the individual preferences and needs of the user. Square pillows also have their uses and advantages, e.g. traditional appearance or a wide range of sizes.