1. The Seller is liable to the Buyer for physical and legal defects of the sold goods under the conditions specified in the provisions of the Civil Code, in particular In Art. Article 556 and Article 556 shall apply mutatis mutan 5561 – 5563 k.c.
  2. If the goods sold through the Store have defects, the Buyer has the right to lodge a complaint with the Seller. The complaints are not subject to defects resulting from improper use of the goods by the Buyer.
  3. The buyer may make a complaint:
    a) when completing the complaint form, you must provide full details of the defective product (fill in all fields of the form),
    b) in person at the Seller’s company at: ul. 11 November 99, 32-440 Sułkowice,
    c) by mail to the mailing address of the Seller: ul. 11 November 99, 32-440 Sułkowice
  4. The complaint should include: the Buyer’s details (name, surname, address enabling contact with the Buyer), an indication of the advertised goods and the date of its receipt and a description of the objections raised. If the data provided in the complaint is insufficient or needs to be supplemented by the Seller, before recognizing the complaint, he will ask the Buyer to complete the complaint to the extent indicated. Attaching a copy of a receipt or invoice to your complaint will make it easier to recognize.
  5. The deadline for recognizing the complaint is 14 days from the date of its receipt by the Seller in the correct form. The response to the complaint is sent by post to the address provided by the Buyer, and in case of providing an e-mail address as an address for correspondence, by e-mail.
  6. If the Buyer who is a consumer has requested the replacement of the goods with a new one or the removal of the defect of the goods, or has made a declaration of price reduction, specifying the amount by which the price is to be reduced and the Seller has not responded to this request within 14 days, it shall be deemed justified.
  7. In the event that the goods purchased through the Store have a defect, the Buyer may exercise the rights provided for in the provisions of the Civil Code regarding the warranty for defects contained in the provisions of Art. 556 – 576 of the Civil Code. The Seller is liable under the warranty for the physical defect of the goods, if the defect was found within one year from the date of delivery of the goods to the Buyer.
  8. In the event that the Seller has accepted the Buyer’s complaint and the goods are to be repaired or replaced with a new one, the goods must be packed as far as possible together with the full additional equipment that the Buyer received at the time of purchase. After packing the goods, you must notify the Seller so that he can order a courier in order to collect the goods from the Buyer.
  9. The Buyer’s claim for removal of the defect or replacement of the goods shall expire at the end of the year from the date of the defect. If the Buyer is a consumer, the limitation period may not end before the expiry of two years from the date of delivery of the goods to the Buyer.
  10. The Seller shall not be liable for damages caused by mistakes made by the Buyer when placing an order, as well as for an unjustified refusal to take back the goods. In such a situation, the costs associated with the re-shipment of the goods shall be borne by the Buyer.
  11. The Seller informs that the Buyer who is a Consumer has the right to ask the Municipal (district) consumer ombudsman for assistance in handling the Buyer’s complaint.
  12. In the event of an unjustified complaint, any costs associated with its handling (cost of getting to the customer, employee time, expertise, research, appointment of experts, etc.) will be transferred to the claimant.

When receiving the goods, please check that the shipment or its packaging does not have visible damage. If any damage is found, please draw up a complaint report in the presence of a courier. This will greatly facilitate the subsequent redress of claims by the Seller from the courier company.