The Rise of Tapestry Fabrics: Discovering the Latest Trends In the world of design and interior decoration, tapestry fabrics have long been an unparalleled decoration. Their rich designs, durability and elegance make them not only a material but also a work of art. In 2024, the tapestry fabric trend is
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    121 Machine washable. 2 The tablecloth is very durable and looks great live! Chamomile tablecloth Chamomile tablecloth The complete set consists of a tablecloth 100x100cm and a tread 40x100cm – sold separately. A tablecloth is a great gift idea! You can order each separately or all together. Dimensions may differ
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    How to use spring fabrics to create stylish interiors Spring comes and with it nice, sunny days, full of colorful tones. In spring, you need to think about new interiors, but there is no reason not to add a touch of style and elegance to them – especially if you
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    Christmas is the perfect time to decorate your home, so you can feel this unique atmosphere. It is therefore good to know how you can quickly and easily decorate your home. How to choose Christmas pillows for home decoration? First of all, it is good to pay attention to the
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    Eco shopping bags At the present time, when a lot of shopping is done, however, also be careful about the environment. It is therefore popular to choose an eco shopping bag, which is made of materials that do not threaten the planet. It is also good to know the advantages
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    Fashionable colors for spring in your home When you are looking for materials that will change your interior, a great solution is to choose a store with different fabrics. It is also worth adding that such a fabric store also has patterned and smooth materials that can be used for
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    Easter like never before! Easter is a special time, so it is worth thinking about decorating your home. It is good to use tablecloths and Easter pillows, which will perfectly reflect the atmosphere of these holidays. Easter is also a holiday that is associated with a festive, family breakfast at
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    Great post-Christmas sale! Tablecloths are an element of décor that everyone must have at home. It is good that such tablecloths are adapted to different holidays that are during the year or to the seasons. The beginning of the year is the perfect opportunity to do a tablecloth sale, especially
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    Fabric World news 2022! After a year full of turmoil and fervor, it’s time to rest. The year 2022 will welcome us with minimalism and simplicity in many areas. Upholstery novelties in the coming year also take on a fully idyllic atmosphere. It is worth remembering that fashion must be
    Material for decorative pillows – what fabrics to choose? One of the extremely fashionable additions for several seasons are decorative pillows. In addition to the fact that they look beautiful, they allow you to in a few moments to clean the interior. You can use them as part of the
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    What distinguishes FABRICWORLD decorative fabrics? Are you looking for exclusive materials that will work well for decorative pillows? Or maybe you are interested in curtain fabrics with an original design? If so, be sure to discover the collections prepared by our online fabric wholesaler Fabric World. Thanks to the fact
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    How to wash eco leather products? 3 rules you need to know! One of the most popular upholstery materials is eco leather. Known for decades, it enjoys unflagging popularity among customers, perfectly imitating natural leather. In addition to being extremely elastic and soft to the touch, it also does not
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    Selection of patterned decorative and upholstery fabrics Curtains, pillows, tablecloths, bedding and upholstered furniture are present in every home. Patterned fabrics are a great decoration that, in addition to wallpaper and paints, can emphasize the appearance of a particular room. They can be used in the living room, bedroom, kitchen
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    Overview of decorative pillows in Fabric World Some of the most popular additions to the interior are decorative pillows. With their help, you can easily revive a neutral room, giving it freshness, coziness and home character. If you are wondering what model to bet on and what to look for
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    Patterned upholstery fabrics Upholstered furniture is present in every living room and whether it is chairs, sofas or armchairs, the room is more cozy. Patterned upholstery fabrics warm each décor and give it a unique character. What motifs to choose for each interior to make the whole thing look coherent?
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    Fabric World Patterned Fabrics Do you like patterned fabrics and want to spice up your interiors? Check out what our online store offers. In this article you will find a lot of inspiration and tips on how to creatively use multicolored materials. Thanks to them, you will refresh the furniture
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    Decorative fabrics with upholstery and curtain flowers in Fabric World One of the timeless trends in interior design is floristic motifs, which return to grace from time to time. Flowery patterns look very good both on furniture and on curtains. If you are looking for interesting ideas on how to
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    Which upholstery fabric to choose? Not sure how to change an old sofa or armchair? Or are you looking for a simple way to refresh the look of your couch? If so, the fabrics offered by fabric world online store will help you with a quick makeover. Below are some
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    Decorative fabrics – an overview of designs Skilful selection of material allows for the implementation of unique tailoring projects. When looking for the right product, it is worth paying attention to the original decorative fabrics offered by the Fabric World online store / wholesaler . In this post you will
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    What is the difference between curtain fabrics? Are you wondering how to easily change the look of the interior? Are you looking for high-quality materials that are perfect for sewing curtains? If so, you’ve come to the right place. From the post below you will learn how curtain fabrics differ
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    Decorative pillows in Fabric World Do you want to quickly change the look of the interior? Are you looking for accessories that will perfectly complement the arrangement? If so, reach for decorative pillows offered by the online fabric store Fabric World. In the following post we will take a closer
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    Decorative pillows – decoration in your home! Small and inconspicuous, and they are able to change any arrangement. Decorative pillows, because we are talking about them, are one of the most important elements of the decor. Skillfully selected, they will make the space take on a unique character. In this
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    Selection of curtain fabrics in Fabric World A stylish-looking interior of a house or apartment is a priority for many people today. How to make the rooms look elegant? The key is properly selected curtains, but buying fabric can be a challenge. This material should be distinguished by high quality
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    What fabric to choose for the corner? When we want to change the furniture in our home that we use every day, it is worth starting with a fabric that can change the entire interior design. This can also be used when changing the fabric on the corner. It is
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    Decorative pillows as interior design Looking for an idea for a stylish decoration of the interior of your apartment, consider buying decorative accessories. Decorative pillows work great in this role. Their choice is huge, so you can easily match them to the style dominant in your rooms. Whatever design you
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    What decorative tablecloth to choose? Do you want to know how to create an elegant and functional table arrangement? Are you wondering which decorative tablecloth to choose and what should be guided when buying it? If so, be sure to read our short guide! We are convinced that the advice