Canvas painting

  • Buddha Image

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  • Cello Image

  • Image Bridge

  • Image elephant

  • Image of Adam’s Creation

  • Image of Frida

  • Image of the Grand Canal

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  • Image Woman with a carad


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The reason why I fell in love with art on canvas

When I saw WOVEN IMAGES on one of our trips, I knew I had to have one of them at home. After framing and hanging on the wall, everything became clear. It is necessary to share with you these beautiful images, in which so much work, sense of taste and passion has been put into. These wonderful works are not only the result of the hard and long work of engineers in the fabric factory. It is also the result of the incredible talent of the creators of these works of art.

However, the environment in which we live, the people and objects we surround our surroundings undoubtedly have a huge impact on who we are, how we define ourself and how we influence other people.

Fabric World offers woven decorative paintings.

Such a work can become an interesting complement to the décor of the living room or bedroom. Prepared by artists from Spain, it will delight anyone who sees them.
Woven painting is
created on the basis of painting art, which requires many hours of work of graphic designers. You need to adjust the colors of the threads so that they faithfully reflect the colors of the original. Appreciating this work,
our wholesaler and fabric store decided
to enrich their assortment with these works. We invite you to buy!