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Small and inconspicuous, and are able to change any arrangement. Decorative pillows, as they are referred to, are one of the most important elements of décor. Skillfully selected will make the space take on a unique character. In this entry, we suggest how to fit them into the room to get a glamorous and eye-catching decoration. Check!

First, choose a shape and size.

Before you start playing with colors and patterns, first determine the shape and size of decorative pillows. These parameters should depend not only on your individual preferences and preferences. Also important is the size of the furniture on which you want to put it. The most versatile accessories are considered to be 45×45 cm and 50×50 cm. Of course, on sale you can also find larger pillowcases and even with a custom dimension. However, you should not choose too large a spirit for a small sofa, as they will lose their attractiveness due to bad proportions. Decorative pillows of standard size have it to themselves that fit most couches. Their advantage is also the fact that you do not need to translate them if you want to sit on the sofa.

As for the shape, the most popular is square. Round models, in the form of a heart or resembling pretzels, can be an ideal choice for those who like unusual and original solutions.

Secondly, pay attention to the material.

When choosing decorative pillows for the apartment, you can also not miss the type of material in which they were clothed. Cotton and polyester have been the most popular fabrics for pillowcases for years. However, they are quite volatile and easy to rot. Therefore, if you value strength and elegance, jacquard or velvet pods can be an interesting proposition. In the offer of our online store you will find, for example, a beautiful velvet turquoise decorative pillow, which will be properly selected “icing on the cake” on your furniture.

Satin, silk and velvet fabric are best suited for elegant arrangements. The interior, decorated in a rustic or Scandinavian style, is well edgy with the Como jacquard decorative pillow. Subdued colors and delicate floral motif will undoubtedly be a beautiful decoration of any room.

Third: fit the pattern to the interior.

Choosing a size and material isn’t everything. It is also important to find the right design to fit your space. Bright living rooms and spacious bedrooms offer the most arrangement possibilities. Well in them will look both patterned decorative pillows, aswell as pillows decorated with floristic motifs,and pillows with animals, etc. If you own an apartment decorated in the style of glamour, put on pillowcases decorated with metallic, shimmering elements.

Keep in mind that you can also combine patterns on your headphones. An interesting idea may be, for example, a combination of smooth cushions with those that have a printed expressive geometric pattern. This simple solution will not only bring the interior to life, but will also give it an original character. Another idea is to apply on the eardresses the same color or pattern that appears on the curtains. The color of the pillows can also be adjusted to the dominant in the room tones, that is, the color of walls, floors or furniture. Combining add-ons in this way, you will create a composition next to which no one will pass indifferently.


If you want to change the look of a sofa or bed, you don’t have to invest in a new piece of furniture at all. Decorative pillows are one of the easiest ways to quickly make a makeover of the interior, without having to incur a large financial outlay. In the wholesale of online Fabricworld.eu you will find a wide range of elegant pillows, for which only high-quality fabrics are used. By betting on our products, you can be sure that your piece of furniture will gain a unique character.

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