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One of the timeless trends in interior design is floristic motifs, which return to grace from time to time. Flowery patterns look very good both on furniture and on curtains. If you are looking for interesting ideas on how to use fabrics into flowers, you are in the right place. Below you will find some practical tips to bring your interior to life and give it a unique character. We invite you to read!

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Armchairs and sofas in a floral version

Vegetable patterns look particularly interesting on armchairs, sofas and sofas. To get a glamorous and fashionable piece of furniture in your own apartment, you do not have to replace old equipment with new ones. With the help of you will come decorative fabrics in flowers, which you will find in the offer of our wholesale Fabric World. A wide range of upholstery products will allow you to create a new design or complement the one in which the room was arranged. Upholstered furniture inspired by a floristic motif will not only be found in the Old English climate. You can also easily integrated it into the modern décor, enriching the room with an unusual addition. Before you reach for a specific upholstery material, pay attention to the spaciousness of the interior. Larger motifs will work well in large and well-lit living rooms. Smaller and finer flowers, on the other hand, are reserved rather for small rooms.

Window decorations with floristic motifs

If you want to feel the breath of nature in the interior and give it a completely new character, reach for elegant curtain fabrics in flowers. Floristic motif is a very graceful pattern, allowing you to add an arrangement of coziness and warmth. If you dream of a family interior with a hint of romance, you can use, for example, Estrella curtain material. The combination of delicate white and subtle purple will create an unforgettable atmosphere. Depending on the idea, such a curtain will work great both in the living room and in the bedroom. Beautifully decorated not only modern interior, but also Provencal, rustic, Scandinavian or with a hint of vintage. When choosing a floral pattern in the window, be sure not to overdo it with the amount of prints and colors. With a colorful curtain, it will be best to compose a smooth curtain.

How else to use materials in flowers?

Patterned curtains and floral upholstery fabrics are not the only way to make a makeover of the interior. You will also get an impressive effect by reaching for decorative pillows with a floristic motif. Such accessories are insanely fashionable, and skillfully chosen will make rest on the sofa or sofa more pleasant. When choosing pillowcases, pay attention to the style of the interior and the color scheme of the furniture. At the moment, one of the hottest trends are plant patterns straight from the tropical jungle. They are expressive, but also quite versatile, as they fit into many arrangements. Shades of green, brown and red look great on pillows, reviving the room and making it a glamorous decoration. If you miss lush greenery or want to create an interior inspired by tropical forest, Mariposa material will come to your aid. Thanks to its soft and durable, it is perfect not only as a upholstery fabric on furniture. You can also use it to create decorative pillowcases. Such additives will introduce a touch of exoticism and will look great especially in rooms where there are no potted plants.


The trend for floral motifs has not waned for several seasons and there is no indication that it will disappear any time soon. Although floristic patterns are characteristic of the English and Provencal styles, they will actually work in any climate. In search of high quality curtain and upholstery fabrics in flowers, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer prepared by our fabric wholesaler. In the catalog we have materials that differ in design, type of weave and way of finishing, which will perfectly find themselves in many arrangements.

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