322 STER

Woven fabric, each thread has its own color – it will not fade like a print!


Extremely durable! Great for furniture


User-friendly – machine washable!

Decorative pillow 322 ster

The decorative rudder cushion is the perfect decoration for lovers of the sea and sailing. This fancy pillowcase has beautiful sea colors, where the main decoration is a red and white rudder, which can bring back memories of sea expeditions. The 50×50 pillow is perfect as a decoration in the children’s room, living room or even in the dining room.

A unique decorative pillow will bring an amazing marine atmosphere to your room. Wato, also add that this is the best decorative pillow for a gift for a young sailor. Our gorgeous decorative pillow can be easily kept clean. The cover has a built-in zipper that can be easily opened and thrown in the pillowcase if necessary. The pillow is made of a densely woven pattern, so we are sure that this pattern will not be damaged during washing or ironing. We make sure that our pillow can also be used by children, which is why the pillowcase does not contain any sharp elements, but it is nice and pleasant to the touch.


Additional information


60% PES, 35% COT, 5% PAC


320 g/m2


125,000 Martindale cycles

Tendency to pilling and peeling


Color resistance to light


REACH Standard


Cleaning method:

can be washed at 30st. Can be ironed at 1 st.: YES

Pillow or just a pillowcase

Complete pillow, The pillowcase itself

Pillow dimensions:

45x45cm +-2cm


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