Woven fabric, each thread has its own color – it will not fade like a print!


Extremely durable! I’m great for upholstery.


User-friendly – machine washable!

Mariposa 8011

Mariposa 8011 fabric is a slightly oriental pattern that is perfect as a material for pillows or curtains. For those who like long journeys to unknown countries, the Mariposa 8011 woven fabric is the perfect choice. During the year, it can remind us of holidays and discovering unknown places. Due to the fact that the Mariposa 8011 fabric is made of jacquard, we are sure that it is durable and solidly made with attention to the smallest element.

The expressive pattern of the Mariposa 8011 fabric will stand out from other furniture and pillows that we will have at home. It fits perfectly with the arrangement of the bedroom, living room or even bathroom. It is also worth adding that this weave is waterproof, so it can be used to upholster terrace furniture. Terrace or balcony curtains made of Mariposa 8011 fabric will create a unique place to relax and take us to distant countries of the Orient. Warm colors on the fabric are friendly and will bring warmth and naturalness to any room.

Fabric width = 280cm
1 piece = 0.5 running meter (0.5×2.8m)


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Additional information


60% PES, 35% COT, 5% PAC


320 g/m2


125,000 Martindale cycles

Tendency to pilling and peeling


Color resistance to light


REACH Standard


Cleaning method:

can be washed at 30st. Can be ironed at 1 st.: YES


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