Cabello 21

Very soft to the touch!

Upholstery fabric Cabello 21

Renovation at home is usually associated with high costs that we have to incur when replacing various furniture. Therefore, before we undertake a complete replacement of our furniture in the rooms, it is worth using the Cabello 21 furniture fabric. Thanks to this fabric, we can arrange our bedroom, living room or even kitchen anew.

Cabello 21 fabric – why is it worth having at home?

First of all, the Cabello 21 fabric is very durable, thanks to which it will work when we have pets at home. There will be no longer a problem, except that there are claw marks left on our favorite sofa in the living room. Also, the Cabello 21 upholstery fabric is soft and pleasant to the touch, which will make it comfortable for us to spend time in the living room on the sofa or chairs. Cabello 21 fabric, due to the fact that it is dark gray, is perfect for any style. It can be perfect for both loft and modern style, or even minimalist or Scandinavian.

Cabello 21 can also be used to create curtains that will look beautiful in our living room and create a coherent whole with the rest of the arrangement.

Fabric width 140cm +-3cm

1pcs = 0.5MB


In stock

Additional information


100% PES


490 g/m2


45,000 Martindale cycles

Tendency to pilling and peeling


Color resistance to light


REACH Standard


Fabric width:

140cm +-2cm


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