Material for decorative pillows – what fabrics to choose?

One of the extremely fashionable additions for several seasons are decorative pillows. In addition to the fact that they look beautiful, they allow you to in a few moments to clean the interior. You can use them as part of the décor of the living room, bedroom, as well as any other room. Check what materials for decorative pillows we offer in theFabric World fabric wholesaler.


What to follow when choosing a fabric for decorative pillows?

Although in stores you will find a huge selection of different types of similar, nothing so pleases, as self-conjured accessories. To create original pillows for the house yourself does not need much – it is enough to make a suitable decorative fabric, as well as a little desire and free time. However, before you proceed to create decorations, it is important to make a choice of the right material. Surely it must be flexible, otherwise it will crease. The pillowcase then will not look too glamorous. It is also good to pay attention to the fact that the knitted fabric is soft and, consequently, does not cause much difficulty in cleaning. High-quality material for decorative pillows will not fade and will not deform even after many washes.

What decorative fabrics for pillows is worth paying special attention to?

Wanting to make sure that the created accessories will be practical and at the same time aesthetic, when choosing a material is worth following not only the colors. If you do not quite know what decorative fabric for pillows will be the best, below we present three types of textiles, which you can safely reach for when creating them.


It is an extremely soft and pleasant to the touch material, which contains in its composition the so-called. zenith yarn.


• is flexible,
• has a sufficiently high rune,
• And also provides a great game of lights.

Chenille fabric is characterized by an extremely beautiful appearance, and what’s more, it is durable and easy to keep clean. Szenil looks beautiful both on furniture and on decorative pillows. In the offer of our online warehouse you can find, among others, patterned chenille fabric from the Pharaoh collection, which captivates with modern design harmoniously blending with subdued colors.


Quite popular upholstery fabric characterized by an extremely soft structure, thanks to which it is very delicate and pleasant to the touch. At first glance, it resembles velvet. This material is great especially for creating pillowcases for children, because it is flexible and friendly for sensitive skin of babies. Moreover, the velour can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and, if necessary, thrown into the washing machine. In our online store we offer high-quality velvet fabric from the Mustang collection, with the use of which you can sew one-of-a-kind decorative pillowcases.


Another proposal from our fabric store is a traditional braid.

It is a material that is woven flat and is distinguished by:

• very good strength,
• clear weave
• and high abrasion resistance.

The braid is perfect for subdued interiors – pillowcases made of this decorative fabric are an elegant element of the décor of both modern and classic room. In the offer of our wholesaler you will find, among other things, finely braided upholstery material from the Lora collection, which is available in a wide range of eye-catching colors. It can be cleaned with mild means dedicated to the care of upholstery.


Self-making decorative pillows for a house or apartment is not at all as difficult as it may initially seem. Reaching for the high-quality decorative fabrics offered by our online store, you can be sure that the highest quality products will be in your hands. They will allow you to create timeless and beautiful looking accessories!

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